DIR EN GREY reveals wild, horrific look for Ningen wo Kaburu

JRock247-Dir en grey-Ningen wo Kaburu-single

“Frankenstein in Streetwear” and “Avant-garde Zombie” might be the inspirations for Kyo and Kaoru in DIR EN GREY’s wicked new look for their upcoming single “Ningen wo Kaburu”, loosely translated to “wearing human skin”.

The band’s 29th single, out April 25, includes the title song, a new version of “ASH” (originally released in 2000), and the live version of the 2016 single “Utafumi”. Four different versions will be available: a regular (CD only) and three types of limited edition featuring footage taken in-studio and on the “TOUR14 PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE!?-” and “TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ________” tours.

JRock247-Dir en grey-Kyo-Ningen wo Kaburu

JRock247-Dir en grey-Kaoru-Ningen wo Kaburu

JRock247-Dir en grey-Die-Ningen wo Kaburu

JRock247-Dir en grey-Toshiya-Ningen wo Kaburu

JRock247-Dir en grey-Shinya-Ningen wo Kaburu

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