LAMP IN TERREN get some “New Clothes” in latest music video

JRock247-LAMP IN TERREN-New Clothes-Video 1

Following up on their latest single, Dreams, from earlier in the month, LAMP IN TERREN have recently released a video for another stunner of a new track, New Clothes.

In this one, singer Hiroshi Matsumoto does some heavy-duty emoting in an elevator before joining the rest of the band in a ruined building (it’s more entertaining than it sounds).

As is typical for the group, the singing is first-rate, somehow raspy and powerfully smooth at the same time, and the drums crack and the guitars sizzle. The lyrics make mention of a shameful naked king, but the band proves the emperor does have clothes with another winning performance.

JRock247-LAMP IN TERREN-New Clothes-Video 2

LAMP IN TERREN just finished up a short spring tour before Matsumoto takes a break for polyp surgery. They’ve also just announced a summer one-man show at the Hibiya Outdoor Theater on August 19th. Advance ticket reservation is available online now.

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