Apr 21 2018

RON RON CLOU Want You To “Listen Up!”

KOGA-210_7 Jacket (Disco Bag - No Spine) _OL

As the years go by, ageless Rickenbacker loving punkers RON RON CLOU are wearing better than Paul Weller’s haircut and prove it by issuing their first new music video in fifteen years for the song Listen Up!.

All urgent beats, overdriven amps and harmony vocals, this tune could easily slot into a playlist for 1966, 1996 or dare we say 2066. It takes a certain elan for men to sport horizontal stripes if they are not French, but the boys pull it off with a sense of goofy cool as they bop to their own beat.

KOGA-209_7 Jacket (Disco Bag - No Spine) _OL

To help celebrate the vinyl world party that is Record Store Day on April 21st the band is releasing two new seven inch discs on KOGA RECORDS: Listen Up! backed by Sending to Your Heart and the other new A-side Emptiness coupled with Ivy Ivy Ivy. The titles alone read like a history of rock ‘n’ roll. Dig out your suitcase turntable and go get one of these wax tracks.

RON RON CLOU Website: http://www.koga-records.net/ronronclou/