Wagakki Band unveils Sasameyuki MV and Otonoe album teasers

JRock247-Wagakki Band-Yuko-Sasameyuki-Otonoe

Beauty, tradition, and innovation meet in Wagakki Band’s latest music video “Sasameyuki“ from their upcoming fifth album Otonoe, out April 25.

The newly-released short version of the MV (the title loosely translates to “light snow fall”) gives us a brief but beautiful preview of the song’s mix of dazzling music and magical imagery.

Fans can preview the 12-track album in two parts. The band’s fusion of traditional Eastern sound and Western rock remains strong, pleasant and exciting -– check out the videos below.

Wagakki Band’s Otonoe comes in 6 editions with music videos and live concert footage.


Otonoe / Wagakki Band
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