Unlucky Morpheus – CADAVER/REVADAC (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus’ followup to “Black Pentagram” is a mind blowing masterpiece. The MV features both “CADAVER” and “REVADAC”. Both songs use the same sheet music, with “REVADAC” playing the notes in reverse! In addition to the official MV there is a sheet music version, and a FUMIYA version – focusing solely on the drummer.

The band has also started to make some of their music available digitally for the first time. CADAVER/REVADAC, Black Pentagram, and Vampir are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

Sheet music version

FUMIYA version

Unlucky Morpheus on Spotify
Unlucky Morpheus on Apple Music
Unlucky Morpheus on Google Play Music

Unlucky Morpheus website: http://sound.jp/ankimo/
Unlucky Morpheus Twitter: https://twitter.com/ankimo_official


Cadaver / Revadac / Unlucky Morpheus
Unlucky Morpheus