[ALEXANDROS] scratch itch with “Mosquito Bite” single


Sometimes teasing is okay, despite what your mom said, as alterna-rockers [ALEXANDROS] have released a roughly minute and a half video snippet of their new single, “Mosquito Bite”, with the full track to be released July 18th. The song will serve as the main theme to the much anticipated live-action version of popular manga BLEACH.

Going by the vaguely Oasis like vocal and fizzy, fuzzy, big and buzzy guitars, the tune promises to be a winner with an anthemic, cinematic chorus that supports the hero Ichigo’s soul reaper battling storyline. The [ALEXANDROS] frontman, Yoohei, suggested that another song, “MILK”, would be a good fit for the movie after watching the film for the first time. BLEACH director Shinya Sato agreed after listening to the demo and a meeting-of-the-minds resulted in “Mosquito Bite” being selected as theme song with “MILK” as a featured track.

Both songs and movie should be perfect for a hot summer night’s fun!

Mosquito Bite / [ALEXANDROS]
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