Crispy Camera Club develop fresh sound for new video Ame ga agattara


I’m a sucker for bands with goofy names, and Crispy Camera Club certainly boasts a wonderfully alliterative and nonsensical one. Luckily, their new song “Ame ga agattara” (When It Rains) is a more grounded affair, with a jaunty, rolling bass line and sweet singing by vocalist Misato that’s somehow both perky and winsome at the same time.

The music video features lots of colorful graphical overlays, animated ladders, and a sense that the group is generally having fun. The band, formed in Kyoto in 2016, are set to issue new six-song EP SWAG on October 10th. Based on the evidence of this first song, it’ll be worth checking out.

SWAG / Crispy Camera Club

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