URBANGARDE celebrates Tokyo subculture at Utsu Fes 2018


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE presented the 5th annual UTSU FES (Depression Festival) on September 8, 2018 at Tsutaya O-East.

The eight-hour, all-day music festival featured performances by URBANGARDE and an exciting list of guest stars from a wide variety of alternative genres, including SPANK HAPPY, PASSPO☆, Eren-chan, R-Shitei, Maison book girl, Kenji Ohtsuki, Kinoco Hotel, Shiina Pikarin, Ohkengarde (Kenji Ohtsuki + URBANGARDE), and Den’ei to Shounen CQ.


Set List
1. Atashi Fiction
2. Print Club
3. Mizutama Byou
4. Jidori Nyuumon (feat. Shiina Pikarin)
5. Tokai no Alice (feat. Maison book girl)
6. Video no Youni
7. Tainin Byou
8. Heisei Death Game (feat. Eren-chan)
9. Hakou ni kike (feat. Kenji Ohtsuki)
10. Akumade Akuma
11. Moe tero yo (feat. PASSPO☆)
12. Shinjuku Mon Amour
13. Daihakai Koukyougaku
14. One-Piece Shinjuu
EN1. Sayonara Subculture
EN2. Momoiro Chronicle

Vocalist Temma Matsunaga summarized the exciting night: “‘Your illness cannot be cured, but we will continue to live’ — that’s a verse from URBANGARDE’s song ‘Momoiro Chronicle’, and that’s become the standard encore song at the Utsu Fes. From now on, we will continue to sing about finding the hope among despair, and the mania within the depression. This year marked the 5th anniversary of the Depression Festival. Please look forward to it again next year. See you again… in hell!”


Vocalist Yoko Hamasaki added, “It is said that Japan is now a country with 100 million people living with depression. In this modern age where the boundary between the minority and majority is becoming obscure, we’re very proud to hold this special festival called the Depression Festival, and that we were able to celebrate its 5th anniversary this year. With those words — ‘Your illness cannot be cured, but we will continue to live’ — in our hearts, we would like to continue to provide a place of belonging for someone, even if it is not for everyone. We would like to continue to worry and suffer together with all of you from now on.”

After UTSU FES 2018, the band will is now preparing for their one-man “Shoujo Fiction Tour ~THIS IS TRAUMA TECHNO POP~” across Japan with shows in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo.

11/3 (Saturday) Nagoya APOLLO BASE
11/4 (Sunday) OSAKA MUSE
11/17 (Saturday) Daikanyama UNIT (Tokyo)



URBANGARDE has also announced the release date of the their next album, Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE (“URBANGARDE of Love and Fantasy”). Due for release on November 21, 2018, the first-press limited edition of the album will also contain the DVD of URBANGARDE’s 10th anniversary concert “KEKKON SHIKI” recorded live at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 8th.

Ai to Gensou no URBANGARDE continues the band’s celebration of their 10th anniversary, coming just a few months after their April album release, Shoujo Fiction. The new album will feature a collection of the band’s favorite songs from their previous albums, plus rare, unreleased tracks and two new songs.



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