Feb 02 2019

ACE OF SPADES – Vampire (MV)


Ahead of the band’s debut album 4Real set for release on Feb 20 and their current Japanese tour beginning Feb 26, ACE OF SPADES has released a new MV for their latest single “Vampire”. With a band made up of members like Exile’s Takahiro, Glay’s Hisashi, Losalio’s Tokie, and The Mad Capsule Market’s Motokatsu Miyagami, ACE OF SPADES were always going to have plenty of tricks up their collective sleeves and “Vampire” doesn’t disappoint.

An enchanting track mixing bright J-pop melody with some chunkier guitar lines all wrapped in a beautiful aesthetic, “Vampire” sees ACE OF SPADES incorporating the tried-and-tested color palette of red and black with some equally classic Stephen King references.

Bathed in faded gothic imagery, the video shows the band performing on a church altar backed by a suitably vampiric red cross, as well as a guitarist Hisashi playing in a gorgeous library and bassist Tokie in a Shining-esque hallway complete with glittering crystal chandeliers. The Shining is also referenced as twins dressed in black lace are intercut with shots of lead singer Takahiro haunted by a gothic vampire figure who contorts and dances around him.

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