Reformed NUMBER GIRL to perform at Rising Sun Rock Festival


Iconic alt-rockers NUMBER GIRL surprised longtime fans with their recent announcement that they will perform at the Rising Sun Rock Festival this August in Ezo. Frontman Shutoku Mukai got the idea to reform the band during a drinking session last summer.

The group, who officially disbanded in 2002, have influenced a new generation of rockers with their noisy yet melodic performances on albums like School Girl Distortional Addict and Sappukei. Active at the turn of the millennium, NUMBER GIRL’s sound — taking inspiration from The Pixies, Husker Du, and post-grunge in general — owed little to the visual kei or Shibuya kei scenes. Rather, they used their influences as a jumping off point to forge an original style while writing about teenage angst and the problems of living in an urban society.

Shutoku spent his post- NUMBER GIRL days alternating as a solo artist and also forming bands Zazen Boys and KIMONOS.

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