Fuki solo album Million Scarlets arrives June 12

Rock vocalist Fuki (Unlucky Morpheus, DOLL$BOXX, Fuki Commune) will release a solo album, Million Scarlets, on June 12. The songs on the album will cover a broad variety of musical styles: heavy metal, pop, ballads, dance, and rock. Fuki recruited a number of notable musicians for this album, including Mao (LIGHTBRINGER, Fuki Commune), Misa (ex-BRIDEAR), Jill (Unlucky Morpheus), Li-sa-X, and alt-idol Eren-chan.

Two versions of the album will be available for purchase: a regular CD edition and a deluxe CD+DVD edition.
Deluxe edition extras:
– 24 page booklet
– “Zekai no Juliet” MV
– “Bloody Rain” MV
– Making of featurette

In addition to the album announcement, Fuki announced that MVs for the tracks “Zekai no Juliet” and “Bloody Rain” will be released on YouTube on May 26th and June 9th.

Track list:
01. Bloody Rain
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition & Arrangement: Mao)
02. Kimi no inai sekai
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition: Mao, Arrangement: Dual Alter World)
03. R no nai tsuki no koi wa yokunai
(Lyrics: eren-chan, Composition & Arrangement: Mao)
04. Habitable Planet
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition: Mao, Arrangement: Dual Alter World)
05. Zekai no Juliet
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition: Tom-H@ck, Arrangement: Kanade YUK)
06. Daimei -Album ver.-
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition: Mao, Arrangement: Misa)
07. Kamisama wa Kitto
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition & Arrangement: Hiroaki Watanabe-re: plus-)
08. Kodomo no yō ni
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition: Tanaka Hirokazu, Arrangement: Yoshimura Kazuyoshi from sow)
09. Zinger♡Ringer♡Gang♡Love
(Lyrics: eren-chan, Composition & Arrangement: Mao)
10. Sacred Bones Riot
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition & Arrangement: Shuhei from Imperial Circus Dead Decadence-)
11. DAYS
(Lyrics: Fuki, Composition & Arrangement: Aho Kazuyo)

Produced by Fuki & Mao
Mao (Keyboards): M-1, M-3, M-6, M-9
Jill (Violin): M-1, M-5, M-8, M-10
Misa (Guitar): M-3, M-6, M-9
RYU from Blood Stain Child / Dual Alter World (Guitar): M-2, M-4
Yuto from Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (Guitar): M-5, M-10
Issei Ambo (Guitar): M-1
Li-sa-X (Guitar): M-11
Kazuaki Yoshimura from sow (Guitar / Bass): M-8
Cazqui from nekomanju (Guitar): M-10
Yuji Kitahara (Bass): M-9
RIZM (Bass): M-3
Shuhei from Imperial Circus Dead Decadence
(Drums): M-1, M-3, M-8, M-9, M-10
(Bass): M-1
Kotori Koiwai from Dual Alter World (Chorus): M-2, M-4

Fuki Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fuki_official
Fuki Blog: https://ameblo.jp/fuki-official/