Unlucky Morpheus goes unplugged in their upcoming release

Unlucky Morpheus will release an all-acoustic album, Heikou jikuu no ongakkai (Concert of parallel space-time), on May 5th.

The album features acoustic arrangements of previous Touhou releases. The concept of the album is “What might Unlucky Morpheus sound like in a parallel space and time?”

This isn’t the first time the band has reworked prior releases into a different musical style. In 2011, the band released the synth-based album U&I Eurobeat Remix, which has recently been made available digitally.

Track list:
02. Missing Girl (from Rebirth)
03. HYAKKIHIROU (from Jealousy)
04. Endless Control (from Jealousy)
05. Heaped Heart (from Rebirth)
06. SIVA (from Hypothetical Box)
07. HAKONIWANONAKANOMUSUME (from Parallelism・α)
08. No Grudge Any More (from Rebirth)
09. Sakura (from the Icarus’ Cry album Fumetsuoka)
10. Requiem (from the Icarus’ Cry album ADVANCE TO THE DREAM)

The CD can be purchased from Melonbooks.

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