Former BRIDEAR guitarist Mitsuru reveals next project

Former BRIDEAR guitarist Mitsuru announced she is pairing up with anisong vocalist Neoki Mako to form Mada Mita Koto No Nai Sekai. The duo will release their first mini album Yugen Monochrome on October 16th, and have uploaded a preview trailer to YouTube:

Mada Mita Koto No Nai Sekai – Yugen Monochrome Trailer

Based on the trailer, it seems likely the music will be a merging of metal with anisong. The group also announced that they will perform their first live on December 6th at Shibuya Star Lounge.

Mada Mita Koto No Nai Sekai
Yugen Monochrome
Track List:
1. Break away
2. Ark
3. escape
4. Gokusaishoku no Utopia
5. Get on the Tailwind
6. Inochi Ni Kirawa Rete Iru

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