Unlucky Morpheus announces CHANGE OF GENERATION Live Blu-ray

Unlucky Morpheus will release their live concert CHANGE OF GENERATION TOUR FINAL on Blu-ray July 31st. Recorded at their December 9, 2018, concert at Shinjuku ReNY, the release is the band’s first high-definition concert video.

For a preview, Unlucky Morpheus has uploaded a trailer for the Blu-ray as well as full performances of “Angreifer” and “Knight of Sword” to their YouTube channel.

Unlucky Morpheus – Angreifer (live)

Unlucky Morpheus – Knight of Sword (live)

Unlucky Morpheus – CHANGE OF GENERATION TOUR FINAL (Blu-ray trailer)

Track list:
2. Knight of Sword
5. Get revenge on the tyrant
6. Satsuriku no Miseria
7. Toraware no bakura
8. Negai no hakobune (Guitar Solo)
9. Spartan Army
10. Angreifer
11. Rakka Ryusui (acoustic)
12. Violet (acoustic)
13. Wings (acoustic)
14. KIZASI (Bass Solo)
15. Dead Leaves Rising
16. Phantom blood
17. Kyobou no koibito (Drum Solo)
18. Black Pentagram
19. Requiem (Violin Solo)
20. La voix du sang
21. Change of generation

Unlucky Morpheus is in the middle of a nationwide one-man tour “Lunatic East 2019”, with the tour final bringing them back to Shinjuku ReNY on November 2.

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