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  2. ONE OK ROCK – Be the Light (MV) — March 12, 2016
  3. akai SKY – Interview (2015) — October 8, 2015
  4. akai SKY – AnimeFest 2015 Live Report — September 28, 2015
  5. umbrella – Kinematograph (Review) — August 27, 2015

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Sep 25 2016

A9 – Ginga no Woto (Review)


A9 Ginga no Woto Review by Jen Wang Last year, visual kei rockers Alice Nine rebranded themselves as A9, releasing a new artist’s statement. Instead of focusing on sales and charts, they turned to crowdfunding. The result was the mini-album Ginga no Woto. Although it might not have accelerated A9′s rebirth, the EP reveals a …

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Mar 12 2016

ONE OK ROCK – Be the Light (MV)


An oldie but a goodie, ONE OK ROCK’s “Be the Light” was dedicated to survivors of the Great Tohoku Earthquake. However the lyrics and the video make the song applicable to anybody who has endured tragedy or difficult times.

Oct 08 2015

akai SKY – Interview (2015)


akai SKY Interview by Jen Wang October 8, 2015 For the past decade, akai SKY have blended their American and Japanese rock influences to create the bilingual genre of American J-rock. The band recently released their third EP, Chasing Lights, and performed at AnimeFest in Dallas, Texas alongside the violin-and-cello duo Ramen and Rice. JRock247 …

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Sep 28 2015

akai SKY – AnimeFest 2015 Live Report

JRock247_akai SKY_AFest2015_3324

akai SKY AnimeFest, September 5, 2015 Live report by Jen Wang What does American J-Rock sound like? That was the question lingering on the minds of AnimeFest attendees unfamiliar with the music of akai SKY. Nevertheless, they were ready to rock. They were perhaps a little too amped up for the orchestral opener, Ramen and …

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Aug 27 2015

umbrella – Kinematograph (Review)


umbrella Kinematograph Review by Jen Wang The latest mini-album from visual kei quartet umbrella opens with the cranking sounds of an old-fashioned camera projecting film. Indeed the aptly-named Kinematograph does provide a glimpse into the past—the early 90s to be exact, when shoegaze was all the rage. Those hazy guitars float from the intro, “Lumiere”, …

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Jul 05 2015



Ever wonder what an anime con is like from a J-rock band’s perspective? GEEKS gives a glimpse in their video for “Road Roller”, filmed during their visit to A-kon 2014 in Dallas. We see the guys strolling through the convention floor as well as a grocery store, joy riding through the town, and of course, …

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May 23 2015

AKIRA models Atelier Boz in Anime Matsuri 2015 fashion show


Fashion model and DISACODE vocalist AKIRA starred as the hero of the 2015 Anime Matsuri fashion show, “MONSTER”. Clad in the elegant garments of Atelier Boz, she took the audience on a journey of devotion, betrayal, redemption, and sacrifice. The show also featured her fellow KERA model Midori Fukusawa as Queen Lilith and an international …

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May 13 2015

DISACODE – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report


DISACODE Anime Matsuri, April 5, 2015 Live Report by Jen Wang Last year, model/rocker AKIRA won over Anime Matsuri’s attendees with her cool, androgynous style and charming personality. This time, she brought her DISACODE bandmates for their first U.S. performance. True to the meaning behind their name—the negation of established codes, the trio defied the …

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Apr 20 2015

Nylon Pink – Anime Matsuri 2015 Live Report


Nylon Pink Anime Matsuri, April 4, 2015 Live Report by Jen Wang The middle of a car show seemed like an unusual concert venue, but Nylon Pink was the perfect fit. The Asian-American pop-punk band delivered a high octane performance that complemented the modified cars on display at Anime Matsuri’s Rice Bowl. Sexy and sassy, …

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Mar 26 2015

BIGMAMA – Roclassick2 (Review)


BIGMAMA Roclassick2 Review by Jen Wang BIGMAMA has done it again, blending classical and rock in a completely unique manner. Rather than covering or sampling from classical music pieces, the band has used them as inspiration for original songs. Roclassick2 reimagines some familiar pieces from childhood piano lessons or high school band days that will …

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