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Tommy February6 / Tommy Heavenly6 – FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY (pic)

The brilliant green’s vocalist Tomoko Kawase can’t seem to make up her mind(s) — so next month (yes, in February) we’re getting a double release from alter-egos Tommy February6 and Tommy Heavenly6 titled FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY The teaser pic above is from Tommy’s Twitter (or it’s from her cat, if the surrounding environment tells the… …

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TsuShiMaMiRe (undercover as faux band THE SHOCKINGS) in this PV for their upcoming release SHOCKING (Feb. 28, 2012). SHOCKING TsuShiMaMiRe hit their peak when they were constantly touring the USA back in the 2000’s, with regular check-ins at SXSW and the Japan Nite tour. Check out the video below to see why everyone fell in …

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101A – flood floor -Lost Way- (Review)

101A flood floor -Lost Way- (DVD) Review by David Cirone One of the best Japanese indie-band live DVDs in recent memory, 101A’s flood floor -Lost Way- was mixed and edited in-house by the band members Sally (video editing) and the k (sound mix). The DVD packs 24 songs into the 1-hour 45 minute show, and …

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101A – 4 (Review)

101A 4 Review by David Cirone 101A’s coiled-snake style is an acquired taste, but their new release 4 shows off the Japanese alternative noise-rock band’s ability to hold you locked in their stare until the inevitable lethal strike. As with 2008’s lethe, this isn’t a single-driven album with choruses to belt out at karaoke — …

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TAIA – Magnolia (PV)

UPLIFT SPICE – Minority Parade (PV)

UPLIFT SPICE – Minority Parade from PARADIGM SHIFT Amped. Juiced. Ferocious. マイノリティパレード / パラダイムシフト

RAMPANT – Interview (2011)

RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone April 12, 2011 Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT made their American debut at Tekkoshocon IX in Pittsburgh, PA. Playing for an audience of over 900 (the highest in the event’s history), the band delivered a 11-song set from their two latest releases, Choice of Life and BLOSSOM. A regular performance partner …

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LAZYgunsBRISKY – Navy Star (PV)

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR – Interview (2010)

HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR Interview by David Cirone April 19, 2010 HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR’s April 3rd concert shook the walls, pounded the floor, and hammered nearby freight elevators at the Washington State Convention Center. Having performed twice before for American fans in 2006 and 2007, their appearance at Sakura-Con 2010 was the band’s first …

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KiLLKiLLS – Interview (2010)

KiLLKiLLS Interview by David Cirone March 8th, 2010 (originally published on L-to-R: ERY (bass), DAI (guitar/vocals), WANI (drums), KAMA (guitar) As the former leader and guitarist of Japanese band ketchup mania, unapologetic punk-rocker DAI is no stranger to USA fans. In 2008-2009, DAI toured America with ketchup mania to perform at Sakura-Con, A-KON, SXSW, …

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