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RAMPANT Interview (2010)

RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone October 18, 2010 Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT has become a Japanese-indies favorite with their recent releases CHAIN and CHOICE OF LIFE. Performing regularly with female-fronted bands like Guardian Hacker, Dazzle Vision, and exist†trace, the 5-member group is preparing to launch a 19-show tour to support their new mini-album BLOSSOM. For …

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the brilliant green – Like Yesterday (PV)

exist†trace at Daikanyama Unit

exist†trace LIVE at Daikanyama Unit! exist†trace Special one man show -THE FIRST DAYBREAK- 2011.11.09 Daikanyama Unit

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Morning Glory – Remember (MV)

BAD NOISE! Fes 2011 at Shibuya Club Asia – Sep 2011


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detroit7 – Samidarukimi (PV)

CANTOY 2011 Japan Tour

CANTOY 2011.03.21 at Nagoya Day Trip

detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Live)

detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Special Studio Live) detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Live in France)

BO-PEEP USA Tour 2010

CANTOY 2010 Japan Tour

CANTOY 2010.08.05 at Nagoya R.A.D. CANTOY MISSMATCH!? 2010 TOUR SCHEDULE 7/11 新宿Marble(レコ発) 7/24 沖縄Cyber-Box 7/25 桜坂セントラル 8/1 水戸SONIC 8/2 仙台RIPPLE 8/4 心斎橋CLAPPER 8/5 名古屋R.A.D 8/6 滋賀ユーストン 8/8 神戸KINGSCROSS 8/18 熊谷HEAVEN’S ROCK 8/19 宇都宮HEAVEN’S ROCK 8/21 千葉LOOK 8/22 下北沢251 8/28 小倉FUSE 8/29 広島CAVE BE 8/31 松江AZTiC canova 9/1 米子belier 9/2 京都mojo 9/11 上諏訪ROCK HEARTS 9/12 新潟JUNKBOXmini 9/16 横浜BAYSIS 9/18 心斎橋KINGCOBRA 9/19 鶴舞DAYTRIP 9/20 三重KINGCOBRA …

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