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the brilliant green – BLACKOUT (Review)

the brilliant green BLACKOUT Review by David Cirone If you’re looking for a jumping-off place to bridge the 8-year gap between the brilliant green’s new album BLACKOUT and their previous full-length release The Winter Album (2002), you’re better off skipping ahead to the group’s final singles for former label Sony. The aggressive style of “Ash …

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detroit7 – NUDE (Review)

detroit7 NUDE Review by David Cirone Long-time detroit7 fans will recognize NUDE’s cover image right away. Vocalist / guitarist Tomomi Nabana’s bare feet are a staple of detroit7’s live shows, and it’s a fitting image for the band’s rawest album since 2003’s Vertigo. Straight out of the gate, the album’s “JOY” commands “GO GENKAI! BUKKOWASE …

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RAMPANT GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL Review by David Cirone Opening track “Quattro” starts with a deceptively simple drum intro that blends into RAMPANT’s trademark layered guitar sound. The Osaka-based quintet knows how to get the most out of their double-guitar lineup, and the 2-minute instrumental feels like a warm-up for the hard-rock throwdown to come. …

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TAIA – Interview (2011) Pt. 1

TAIA Interview by David Cirone March 15, 2011 TAIA’s logo says quite clearly that you’re from Okinawa, so obviously you’re proud of that association. How does Okinawa affect your music? YASHA (bass): Since we’re comfortable in this place, it’s a great environment for us. We can be our natural selves while we work on our …

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LAZYgunsBRISKY – 26 times (Review)

LAZYgunsBRISKY 26 times Review by David Cirone LAZYgunsBRISKY’s 26 times is a focused and lean album that shows the up-and-coming punk rock band in solid fighting shape. Working with producer Kenichi Asai (ex. BLANKEY JET CITY), there’s a confident and mature female energy in their latest release (released in America from Good Charamel Records) that …

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TAIA – Interview (2011) Pt. 2

TAIA Interview by David Cirone April 19, 2011 Seika, what stories inspire your imagination? SEIKA: Since my childhood, I’ve always loved novels, movies, and manga. They’ve had a big influenced on the ways I think and feel. I don’t think I could write lyrics if I didn’t have the emotions and images I’ve experienced from …

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RAMPANT Interview (2010)

RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone October 18, 2010 Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT has become a Japanese-indies favorite with their recent releases CHAIN and CHOICE OF LIFE. Performing regularly with female-fronted bands like Guardian Hacker, Dazzle Vision, and exist†trace, the 5-member group is preparing to launch a 19-show tour to support their new mini-album BLOSSOM. For …

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the brilliant green – Like Yesterday (PV)

exist†trace at Daikanyama Unit

exist†trace LIVE at Daikanyama Unit! exist†trace Special one man show -THE FIRST DAYBREAK- 2011.11.09 Daikanyama Unit

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Morning Glory – Remember (MV)