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  1. Keiko Terada (SHOW-YA) – Interview (2018) — October 3, 2018
  2. Unlucky Morpheus – Knight of Sword (MV) — August 31, 2018
  3. Unlucky Morpheus – Interview (Aug 2018) Pt. 1 — August 22, 2018
  4. DOLL$BOXX presents DOLL$FESTA at Club Citta (Live Report) — August 6, 2018
  5. Unlucky Morpheus – CADAVER/REVADAC (MV) — May 13, 2018

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Oct 03 2018

Keiko Terada (SHOW-YA) – Interview (2018)


Keiko Terada (SHOW-YA) Interview by Todd Nelson Translation by Harumi Arita July 29, 2018 Vocalist Keiko Terada is best known as the front woman for the legendary all-female Japanese band SHOW-YA. We interviewed Keiko just prior to the DOLL$FESTA live event on July 29, 2018. SHOW-YA’s recent efforts Genuine Diamond, Progress, and AURORA, pick up …

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Aug 31 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – Knight of Sword (MV)


Symphonic speed metal at its best! Inspired by the anime Fate/stay night, “Knight of Sword” is the latest from Unlucky Morpheus. This track will be on their new full-length album Change of Generation, which drops on September 19th.

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Aug 22 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – Interview (Aug 2018) Pt. 1


Unlucky Morpheus Interview by Todd Nelson Translation by Harumi Arita August 22, 2018 Unlucky Morpheus founders Shiren and Fuki discuss the creation of CADAVER/REVADAC, their participation in DOLL$FESTA, and reveal details about the band’s upcoming album Change Of Generation. The band released the EP CADAVER/REVADAC a few months ago. What gave you the idea to …

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Aug 06 2018

DOLL$BOXX presents DOLL$FESTA at Club Citta (Live Report)


DOLL$BOXX presents DOLL$FESTA Club Citta, July 29, 2018 Live Report by Todd Nelson Special music event DOLL$FESTA, the brainchild of the members from DOLL$BOXX, was held July 29th at Club Citta before a sell-out crowd. The festival not only featured a performance by DOLL$BOXX, but also live sets from all of the other groups connected …

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May 13 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – CADAVER/REVADAC (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus’ followup to “Black Pentagram” is a mind blowing masterpiece. The MV features both “CADAVER” and “REVADAC”. Both songs use the same sheet music, with “REVADAC” playing the notes in reverse! In addition to the official MV there is a sheet music version, and a FUMIYA version – focusing solely on the drummer. The …

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Apr 01 2018

BAND-MAID / BAND- MAIKO – secret MAIKO lips (MV)


BAND-MAID takes April Fools pranks to a whole new level with a special MV released April 1st. Re-branding themselves on their website and social media as “BAND-MAIKO”, the band delivers a new look and style for their previously-released track “Secret My Lips”. The new version — “secret MAIKO lips” — features a fusion of rock …

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Mar 31 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – CADAVER [April Fools version] (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus creating April Fools MVs is becoming an annual tradition, and once again they switch around their usual musical roles in this video shoot. Watch now before it disappears on 4/2!

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Mar 25 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – Interview (Mar 2018)


Unlucky Morpheus Interview by Todd Nelson Translation by Harumi Arita March 24, 2018 Unlucky Morpheus, also referred to as Ankimo, is a doujin circle band formed in 2008. The band creates original songs as well as material associated with the Touhou Project. All of the band members are active in other projects in addition to …

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Mar 09 2018

Unlucky Morpheus releases preview of CADAVER/REVADAC (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus uploaded a preview of two new songs, “CADAVER” and “REVADAC”, which will be on the EP CADAVER/REVADAC releasing March 28th. The band’s recognizable fast melodic sound accompanied by Fuki’s powerful vocals is there but with a twist – both songs use the same sheet music! As the name implies, “REVADAC” uses the same …

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Feb 10 2018

Gacharic Spin – New album G-litter releases on April 11th


Gacharic Spin played the first show of their 2018 tour at Kashiwa Palooza on February 10th, and at its conclusion the band made a surprise announcement: their new album, G-litter, will be released on April 11th. The album will contain 10 songs, one of them being “Generation Gap”, which was previously released as a single …

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