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Apr 21 2018

RON RON CLOU Want You To “Listen Up!”

KOGA-210_7 Jacket (Disco Bag - No Spine) _OL

As the years go by, ageless Rickenbacker loving punkers RON RON CLOU are wearing better than Paul Weller’s haircut and prove it by issuing their first new music video in fifteen years for the song Listen Up!.

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Apr 12 2018

Kat McDowell – TEN (Review)

JRock247-Kat McDowell-Photo1

Kat McDowell TEN Review by Marc Bowie Singer-songwriter Kat McDowell’s latest album, TEN, released on March 24th, is by turns a bracing and soothing amalgam of beach bar ballads, mid-tempo rockers and quasi-lullaby’s. Possessed of a beguilingly ethereal yet warmly inviting voice that any sensible person might want to follow to the ends of the …

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Mar 27 2018

Ryuichi Sakamoto New Documentary Tsunami Piano


While touring Tohoku, the area devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, something he has done many times, famed composer and Yellow Magic Orchestra member, Ryuichi Sakamoto, was told about a semi-ruined piano in a high school gymnasium. The instrument had been flooded along with Miyagi Prefectural Agricultural High School and looked like a mess, …

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Mar 14 2018

Tropical Death – So Wet (MV)

Tropical Death – So Wet (MV)

As a follow-up to our review of Tropical Death’s Modern Maze EP, here’s the video for So Wet. It’s a charmingly lo-fi affair of rain jackets and unicorn floaties as singer Eugene Roussin romps his backwards way through back alley Tokyo.

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Mar 08 2018

KEYTALK releases 5th album Rainbow


KEYTALK released their new album, Rainbow, on March 7th, the quartet’s fifth, which includes the January single, LOTKA VOLTERRA and SETSUNAYUMEMISHI from the fall EP.

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Mar 07 2018

Tropical Death – Modern Maze (Review)


Tropical Death Modern Maze Review by Marc Bowie Like all rock, unless it’s a retro act, Tokyo-based quartet Tropical Death’s five-song 2017 EP, Modern Maze, reaches backward while at the same time extending a hand to the future, as it’s rooted in the fertile soil of many punk and post-punk offerings yet pushes up wild …

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Feb 25 2018



UNISON SQUARE GARDEN MODE MOOD MODE Review by Marc Bowie Released on January 24th, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN’s MODE MOOD MODE is a swirling stew of musical flavors and genre mashups played with consummate skill and carried off with panache. Like watching a master carpenter expertly carving a post, it’s very satisfying observing these accomplished craftsmen …

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Feb 12 2018



SCANDAL HONEY Review by Marc Bowie On paper, it shouldn’t have worked. Assemble four women at a dance school with little to no experience with musical instruments, have them rehearse relentlessly, encourage a degree of songwriting, and … presto, instant rock band. Just add water. But work it did — through previously undiscovered innate talent …

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Feb 09 2018

Looprider – Umi (Review)


Looprider Umi Review by Marc Bowie Bands who record single songs that take up an entire LP side or more run the risk of being called self-indulgent … or worse. Looprider’s 2017 album, Umi, would seem to fit the bill, as at twenty-five minutes this one-track effort is longer than the oft-mocked In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. Happily, the …

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Jan 30 2018

BLUE ENCOUNT set to release third album VECTOR


Power-pop-turned-punk-rockers BLUE ENCOUNT have a new album, VECTOR, available March 21st. The 14-track disc includes “VS”, their opening contribution this past fall to the Gintama anime.

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