Best J-Rock Album Covers

JRock247 contributors pick the best J-Rock album jackets representing unique and powerful images from some of our favorite Japanese music artists.






Best J-Rock Album Covers 2012

JRock247′s picks of the best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2012. Yellow Fried Chickenz – One Dave: You can’t beat Gackt’s capacity for self-depricating humor. With these dual covers for his (now RIP) YFC project, Gackt shows us he gets the joke. Man with a Mission – Mash up the World Nhu: Rocking wolves plotting world …

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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2015

Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2015, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Jen Wang, and Nhu Nguyen. ALI PROJECT – Violetta Operetta David: The perfectly apt fairy tale imagery for ALI PROJECT’s storybook of strings. Shishido Kavka – K no Ruijo Jen: Leave it to the ever-chic Shishido Kavka to hold a …

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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2013

JRock247′s picks of the best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2013. (check out our 2012 list!) The GazettE – BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY Dave: No album package made as big a stir as the awesomely bold (and crazy expensive) limited-edition release of BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY. 3D packaging + DVD + 30 illustrated cards made this a must-have for The …

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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2014

JRock247′s picks of the best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2014. (check out our 2012 list!) (check out our 2013 list!) Dir en Grey – Sustain the Untruth Dave: Demonic-male-sexy as only DIR EN GREY can pull it off. This is the kind of album jacket that makes me buy something right off the shelf without …

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