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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2015

Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2015, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Jen Wang, and Nhu Nguyen.

ALI PROJECT – Violetta Operetta
David: The perfectly apt fairy tale imagery for ALI PROJECT’s storybook of strings.

Shishido Kavka – K no Ruijo
Jen: Leave it to the ever-chic Shishido Kavka to hold a cymbal like it’s a hat and make it look totally natural.

Kyuso Nekokami – Jinsei wa Madamada Tsuzuku
Nhu: The boy under the spotlight looks to be welcoming the attention he’s receiving. The hands below could either be cheering him on or eventually drag him. As the album title goes, “Life still goes on.”

MAN WITH A MISSION – Seven Deadly Sins
David: A great match for MAN WITH A MISSION’s style, this image packs fantastic irony and a quick joke that gets darker the more you think about it.

Matenrou Opera – Burning Soul
Jen: Fashion is often a huge part of a visual kei band’s identity so it’s bold and unique for Matenrou Opera to strip down and express themselves through their bodies.

KEMURI – Ska Bravo
Nhu: The most alternative angels in heaven are the three on this cover. Their pink, green, and yellow hair makes them look fun and cute.

VISTLIP – Layout
David: Other than the instantly cool design, VISTLIP’s Layout cover caught me off guard when I realized I could be looking at the re-construction of either man or machine. is the beautiful male image covering up a complex, fantastical apparatus, or is man evolving into something more dangerous?

Yogee New Waves – Sunset Town
Jen: Yogee New Waves presents the skateboard in a triumphant manner that takes us back to the carefree summer days of our youth.

Nhu: The cover is as quirky as the three band members. It’s a sweet and colorful hair extension cake.

Lin – Memento Mori
David: Simple yet powerful design conjures the power of imagination and memory, a beautiful contrast to the album title’s sobering reflection on mortality.

The GazettE – DOGMA
Nhu: The GazettE love to put females on their album. Most of the time, the females are bare. It could have a deep meaning to it, since females are the carrier of life, or it’s just them being rock and roll. With DOGMA, there’s a strong, dark, ancient pharaoh quality to her. However, her eyes are hidden with the heavy headdress. Her suppressed powers are turning her evil.

Plastic Tree – Rakka
David: Plastic Tree’s Rakka features artwork by Gekidan Inu Curry (Puella Madoka Magica), and you’ll immediately get the connection.

TsuShiMaMiRe – Abandon Human
David: Packaged humanity does double-duty as packaged female identity. All-girl punk veterans TsuShiMaMiRe continue to rock, even bolder than before on their self-made label, Mojor Records.

Golden Bomber – No Music, No Weapon
Nhu: A dark form is trapped inside a chrysanthemum made of knives. A fight with oneself to the extreme.

Ali Project – Keraku no Susume
Jen: This is the first time I’ve seen Ali Project go sexy, and I hope there’s more in the future. In her cage dress, Arika Takarano proves that she is indeed a chameleon.

David: Getting into the 2015 lineup just under the wire is the delightfully apocalyptic artwork of URBANGARDE’s Showa 90 by Trevor Brown, combining the band’s two obsessions: schoolgirl youth and doomed Japanese society.