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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2016

Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2016, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Jen Wang, and Nhu Nguyen.

GACKT – Last Moon
David: GACKT’s majestic fantasy is awesome — even more Gackt-awesomely-awesome than usual. This is the final boss you don’t want to fuck with.

David: The terrifying feeling of turning the wrong corner in the wrong room and getting suddenly too close to the wrong people. Back away slowly.

Kaya – Perfana
David: Kaya pulls off a stunning night-club Medusa effect. Glamorous, dangerous, and breathtaking.

exist†trace – Royal Straight Magic
Jen: Jyou’s androgyny is on point, as there is no indication of her gender here. The card is flying straight at us, as if this mysterious person is issuing a message to give the album a listen.

Pentagon – Popcorn Monster
Jen: This cartoon rendition of the band members in their popcorn costumes is very cute and hides the song’s creepy nature.

D – Wonderland Savior
Nhu: D continues their love of Alice in Wonderland with a steampunk makeover on the cover of “Wonderland Savior”. The smash up is a welcoming addition to the visual kei scene where steampunk has yet to be executed properly.
JRock247-D- Wonderland-Savior-best-cover

L’arc-en-Ciel – Don’t Be Afraid
David: With their positions as J-Rock elite firmly in place, it would have been easy for the members of L’arc-en-Ciel to back off this campy homage to zombie life, but they went full throttle instead, bringing ultimate never-seen-before-style to the undead.

Onmyouza – Karyoubinga
David: Onmyouza’s deep dive into mythology yields yet another majestic creature, the immortal Buddhist diety Kalaviṅka, with a golden voice to match vocalist Kuroneko note for note.

Granrodeo – Trash Candy
David: Stunning, cherry-red visuals, and the jawbreaker you’ll never forget.

David: Iconic rock images make a statement, and BAND-MAID’s steely-sharp headphones (complete w/ Saiki’s trademark blue rose) tell you everything you need to know about this band’s combination of hard-rock shredding and ferocious beauty.