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Best J-Rock Album Covers 2018

Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2018, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Michelle Minikhiem, Marc Bowie, and Nhu Nguyen.

David: Case-in-point of perfect simplicity. Nearly a year after KAYA released the provocative image for his April 2018 single, “Fabulous” remains his most iconic, sexual, and powerful pose to date.

Man With A Mission – Take Me Under / Winding Road
David: Ride or Die with the rocking wolves, the “Take Me Under” jacket art brings adrenaline and danger to the double A-side release, matching the single’s action movie-themed music video.

Mary’s Blood – Revenant
David: There’s a bad moon on the rise, and Revenant‘s haunting but elegant design gives fair warning of the chilling guitar riffs waiting in lead track “World’s End”.
Mary's Blood Revenant

Wagakki Band – Otonoe
David: The bold watercolor strokes of Wagakki Band’s 5th album Otonoe evoke the artistry and elegance of the genre-defining band, with vocalist Yuko Suzuhana’s emotional visage at the forefront.

Onmyouza – Hadou Myouou
David: I might not be the only one who did a Game of Thrones double-take on Onmyouza’s 14th album Hadou Myouou. Band leader and bassist Matatabi atop a ghostly throne sets stage for the scathing metal album which includes the theme for Basilisk: Ouka Ninpouchou.

KANA-BOON – KBB vol. 1
Marc: KBB vol. 1’s whimsical cover looks like the Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine took too much acid while staring at the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s.
KBB Vol.1

Gesu no Kiwami Otome – Suki Nara Towanai
Marc: On their fourth album, Suki Nara Towanai, the always enigmatic Gesu no Kiwami Otome serve up their acid-jazzy take on progressive rock, and the vibrant neon pachinko image on the cover reflects that spirit of playfulness.

Marc: The cover to SCANDAL’s eighth album, HONEY, is a case study in fearlessness, as the band eschews the need to show their faces and instead, backs turned, embrace one another in a show of warm solidarity and utter confidence. The album’s moniker placements have cheeky appeal, pun intended.

Marc: Why is there a giraffe on the cover of MODE MOOD MODE, and is that man or a monkey riding it? Answers are not forthcoming, but the cover intrigues by its very capriciousness.

BAND-MAID – start over
Nhu: The middle finger may have been what drew me in, but the small red hand with the peace sign sitting atop the finger made me stop and think “small but powerful”.

DIR EN GREY – The Insulated World
Nhu: Mesmerizing eyes, lines and layers, color — I can’t seem to look away as I try to see who’s beneath it all.

MYTH & ROID – “Overlord III” (Anime) Intro Theme: VORACITY
Nhu: The hand’s crushing a heart! Okay, not really, it’s actually a tomato. A striking and sinister effect created where no heart had to actually be crushed in the making.

Plastic Tree – doorAdore
Michelle: It reminds me of an Ansel Adams photograph — striking black and white, evocative because it’s an open door on a desolate landscape. It invites you into a place beautiful but empty, lonely… which is fitting to the band’s often melancholy and contemplative tone.