Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow (PV)

Tommy heavenly6 – monochrome rainbow (PV)

Dazzle Vision- Like I’m not real (PV)

Devil horns & lace gloves.
She’s REAL.

Haru on drums is KILLING it on this one!

Dazzle Vision- Like I’m not real (PV)

Dazzle Vision judges “Death Voice” contest in Shibuya

Dazzle Vision vocalist Maiko watches the open-mic contestants in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya 109 for “Death Voice Contest 3D.”

(For anyone who doubts her expertise, check the video for “Like I’m not real” below.)


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Dazzle Vision – Like I’m not real (PV)

Dazzle Vision will open for Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya!

Japanese Hard Rock / Screamo band Dazzle Vision will be the opening act for American band Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya this month!


2012-02-09 – Zepp Tokyo
2012-02-10 – Zepp Nagoya

Dazzle Vision home page:

Evanescence Japan Tour page:



Kazumasa Tanaka tears up the vocal on this track. It’s my new favorite from him.
Guitarist Hiroyoshi Nishikawa lays down an awesome solo @2:15.



I like LIGHT BRINGER a lot — but this new PV started to get me a little dizzy after the first 2 minutes of spinning camera:

Broken Doll – Dance at my Party (PV)

Broken Doll – Dance at my Party (PV):

Blondie would be so proud of their lil’ Japanese babies.

Broken Doll – New Year 2012 Message

New Year 2012 message from Japanese punk band Broken Doll:

It’s a fun message, teasing their new song “Reach for the Sky”. Personally, I can’t take my eyes off Ken’s rad earring!

They posted a demo version of “Reach for the Sky” a few weeks ago.
Check it out:

Tommy heavenly6 – I’m Your Devil (Halloween Remix) (PV)

Tommy February6 / Tommy Heavenly6 – FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY (pic)

The brilliant green’s vocalist Tomoko Kawase can’t seem to make up her mind(s) — so next month (yes, in February) we’re getting a double release from alter-egos Tommy February6 and Tommy Heavenly6 titled FEBRUARY & HEAVENLY

The teaser pic above is from Tommy’s Twitter (or it’s from her cat, if the surrounding environment tells the… tail tale.) Double-disc + bonus packaging to celebrate her 10th anniversary.