TAIA – Interview (2011) Pt. 2

Interview by David Cirone
April 19, 2011


Seika, what stories inspire your imagination?

SEIKA: Since my childhood, I’ve always loved novels, movies, and manga. They’ve had a big influenced on the ways I think and feel. I don’t think I could write lyrics if I didn’t have the emotions and images I’ve experienced from those creations. But it’s not like “I got ideas for this song from that movie,” or “This is from that novel.” For any set of lyrics, there’s a mixture of those influences and my own imagination.

Is there a particular genre that you’re drawn to more than others?

SEIKA: Science fiction works like “Hi no Tori” by Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy, Black Jack). I love novels by Heinlein, Niven, and Card. I’m also influenced by classic Japanese literature, and I think “Kazamai” shows that a lot. Natural scenery and historical heritage are absolutely necessary for my inspiration. To travel and visit new places is really a great stimulation. The inspiration for lyrics might come from the scenery of a mountain I climbed when I was small, fire-like color of autumn leaves, sight of snow that spreads as far as I could see, etc.

If words are so important to your expression, how do you stay connected with a live audience during the long instrumental sections?

SEIKA: I usually move my body to the music, and I do my best to energize the audience. I don’t take my eyes off them. But during the instrumental parts, the audience is watching the other members perform instead of me, so it’s really a challenge for me to stay connected. (*laughs)

Two songs from ASYMMETRY (2005) have been re-recorded for FUUENYASOU -TAIA WORKS- (2010). Why did you choose those two songs? What was your goal for the new versions?

YASHA: Because these songs are still popular in live shows. For the new recordings, we tried to show the power these songs have gained from the live shows.

FUGA: The members had changed since we recorded ASYMMETRY, so we decided to record a current-member version of “Sakura” and “Akatsuki” that we perform often at live shows. We also thought that aggressive songs were better to show the styles of the current members (especially the drummer KEN). We expect our fans to feel something different from these new versions, especially from KEN’s style.


RAMPANT Interview (2010)

Interview by David Cirone
October 18, 2010


Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT has become a Japanese-indies favorite with their recent releases CHAIN and CHOICE OF LIFE. Performing regularly with female-fronted bands like Guardian Hacker, Dazzle Vision, and exist†trace, the 5-member group is preparing to launch a 19-show tour to support their new mini-album BLOSSOM.

For fans already familiar with your music, “RAMPANT” seems to be a fitting choice for a name. How did you come up with it?

Hiroko (vocals): A long time ago, when I was thinking about the band name, I was reading a book about Ryouma Sakamoto. There was a difficult word — “shouketsu” — in the book, and when I looked it up, I found a lot of English synonyms about “momentum,” for example, and the word “rampant” really stood out, so I liked it. I decided RAMPANT should be the band name.

KA+U (drums): And we’ve been building that momentum ever since! (laughs)

Your new album BLOSSOM releases on October 27, and then you jump right into a 19-show tour that same week. Have you performed the new songs live yet? How do you feel about performing the new songs for your fans?

KA+U: We’ve performed some of the songs already, but it’s different after they’re released. We get excited, and I think the fans will be happy too.

TOMOYA (guitar): We’ve been doing “My winding road to unknown” for a while. We just performed “NAKED” at a live the other day, and the fans liked it. I’m really eager to perform all the new songs.

Kei (bass): Really? I get nervous. Just a little.

In your live show videos, it’s easy to see your fans jumping around and getting pumped up. Which of the new songs from BLOSSOM will makes the fans go crazy?

Hiroko: #1 and #5! (laughs)

KA+U: Definitely! Yeah, #1 “NAKED” and #5 “IF I AIN’T GOT YOU.” Or, personally, I think the 2nd song “STILL GROWING FLOWER” has a strong metal-core feel, so I think that’s the one that will make them go wild.

Atsushi (guitar): Same for me.

Kei: The second chorus of “IF I AIN’T GOT YOU” — that’s the one I’m waiting for.

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the brilliant green – Like Yesterday (PV)


exist†trace at Daikanyama Unit

LIVE at Daikanyama Unit!



Special one man show
2011.11.09 Daikanyama Unit

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Morning Glory – Remember (MV)


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BAD NOISE! Fes 2011 at Shibuya Club Asia – Sep 2011



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detroit7 – Samidarukimi (PV)

detroit7 – Samidarukimi (PV)

CANTOY 2011 Japan Tour

2011.03.21 at Nagoya Day Trip


detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Live)

detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Live)

detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Special Studio Live)

detroit7 – I Know I Don’t Know (Live in France)

BO-PEEP USA Tour 2010


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