May 10 2017

BORIS – Absolutego [NPR]


Link: Boris Celebrates 25 Years By Cleaving The Earth In Two With ‘Absolutego’

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May 10 2017

Head Phones President – new album REALIZE


HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT has released their new album REALIZE worldwide on iTunes, with a fists-of-fury music video for “Alive”. Signature shredding and blazing-hot vocals from Anza.

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May 09 2017

X Japan’s Yoshiki to Undergo Emergency Surgery in L.A.


It has been determined by multiple doctors that YOSHIKI of X JAPAN will undergo an emergency cervical artificial disc replacement surgery on Tuesday, May 16 in Los Angeles.

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May 04 2017



VAMPS doesn’t mess around. Their fourth album UNDERWORLD cuts the frills and packs a punch. While their previous album Bloodsuckers was a game of lure and seduction, pushing and pulling with alternating fast and slow songs, UNDERWORLD snatches its victims from the get-go with its tightly-packed energy.

“What do you think is real?/What do you think is true?/There’s life underground/And a life that’s everlasting,” HYDE sings in the album’s title song “UNDERWORLD”. VAMPS aim to capture fans and keep them in their Japanese vampire rock-infused world. “I want our audiences to feel the wild and immoral side of rock culture. And, as we are vampires, our show will obviously be different from that of any other rock band!!” laughs HYDE. If you haven’t seen them live yet: yes, it is obviously different – but in a good way.

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May 02 2017

X Japan film WE ARE X breaks into Top 3 iTunes Documentary chart


The award-winning X Japan documentary We Are X has achieved what is likely a first for any Japanese music artist — after its worldwide Blu-ray and Digital Home Video release last week (where it was chosen as iTunes “Editor’s Choice” and Amazon’s “Indie of the Week”), the film has broken into the Top 3 of the iTunes Documentary chart in its first week of sales.

The continued success of We Are X — having screened in over 20 film festivals and still playing in multiple countries worldwide since its Sundance Film Festival premiere over 1 year ago — is definitely a major achievement for a modern Japanese music artist, and should help pave the way for more mainstream J-Rock projects. (Could a Babymetal or ONE OK ROCK film be next?)

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Apr 28 2017

Miyavi Brings Rock, Love and Peace to L.A.’s Belasco Theatre – Samurai Style (Belasco Theatre 2017 Live Report)


Belasco Theatre, April 9, 2017

Concert review by Nhu Nguyen
Photos by Emi Nguyen

“We party, we enjoy music, we get drunk,” Miyavi said to the crowd’s roar of approval. “But at the same time, we’re responsible for the future and for delivering the message. So many people are suffering all over the world. They are suffering, struggling… but even for us, as long as you know tomorrow will come, we can get over it, we can get through — “A Long Night.” One message was clear throughout the Japanese rock musician’s set at the Los Angeles stop of Live Nation’s Asia On Tour: work hard and play hard — to make the world a better place.

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Apr 25 2017

exist†trace – the 19th Challenge “chain resonance” at Ebisu club aim


exist†trace began their monthly series of one-man live shows on April 19 at Ebisu club aim with a hard-rocking 16-song set for a full house of dedicated “IGU” fans. The shows will continue through the end of the year with a different theme each month.

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Apr 21 2017

Puffy AmiYumi – Interview (2017)

Puffy AmiYumi
Interview by DJ Greg Hignight and David Cirone
April 4, 2017


Puffy AmiYumi first gained notoriety in the early 2000s as breakthrough artists from Japan, with their own animated series on Cartoon Network and multiple tours. JRock247 had the opportunity to talk with Ami and Yumi before their performance at the historic Belasco Theater in Los Angeles as part of their 2017 tour — their first time performing in the U.S. in ten years.

You’ve been popular in the United States for many years. How do you feel about your long-term popularity here in America?

Ami: You know, a lot of fans in Japan — and regular people also — know us aside from the music, because we both have unique personalities. That’s part of our appeal in Japan. But in the U.S., before people got to know us, the music was the first thing that came in. We’re happy to have that base, the good music to back that up. A lot also has to do with the cartoon, that helped with our popularity.

Since you’ve been working together a long time, your relationship must be like family, How has that relationship evolved and grown over the years?

Ami: When we first started, we were really close as friends – we got together because we were really good friends. As our careers progressed, we realized that we had to be business partners as well. In that sense, because we were working together so long, only we know it feels to be Puffy AmiYumi – in a way no one else in the world, even our families, would understand.


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