Aug 06 2018

DOLL$BOXX presents DOLL$FESTA at Club Citta (Live Report)

Club Citta, July 29, 2018
Live Report by Todd Nelson


Special music event DOLL$FESTA, the brainchild of the members from DOLL$BOXX, was held July 29th at Club Citta before a sell-out crowd. The festival not only featured a performance by DOLL$BOXX, but also live sets from all of the other groups connected to each member. For Fuki this meant that she would sing lead vocals for DOLL$BOXX, Fuki Commune, and Unlucky Morpheus. DOLL$BOXX members KOGA, Hana, TOMO-ZO, and Oreo Reona would perform in two other bands as well: Gacharic Spin and Teradaric Spin (the fusion of the four Gacharic Spin members with legendary vocalist Keiko Terada of SHOW-YA). It would be a memorable night.

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Jul 29 2018

YOSHIKI makes surprise Fuji Rock appearance with Skrillex


On Saturday, July 28, YOSHIKI made a surprise appearance on stage with internationally famous DJ and producer Skrillex at one of Japan’s biggest outdoor music events, Fuji Rock Festival ’18, held at Naeba Ski Resort in Niigata, Japan.

The 40,000 fans at the main stage were shocked by YOSHIKI’s arrival, but soon began cheering and shouting for the unexpected collaboration between two globally famous artists. As Skrillex played a special mix he created for YOSHIKI, YOSHIKI began to perform X JAPAN’s “Endless Rain” on a crystal piano. At the otherworldly intro, loud cheers shook the venue, and the voices of tens of thousands of fans sang the song’s famous chorus while YOSHIKI played accompanied by Skrillex’s guitar.

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Jul 28 2018

LUNATIC FEST. 2018 (Live Report Pt. 3) – ACE OF SPADES, back number, GLIM SPANKY

June 23, 2018

Live report by Meiko Kikuta


ACE OF SPADES definitely brought a new crowd to this year’s LUNATIC FEST. The collaboration between EXILE (feat. vocalist TAKAHIRO) and GLAY happened on TV in 2005, so the band’s appearance was a welcome surprise for both EXILE fans and GLAY fans. Since this band is their side project, it was one of the rare occasions to witness TAKAHIRO and GLAY’s HISASHI work together as ACE OF SPADES. Joined briefly by guest INORAN (LUNA SEA), TAKAHIRO’s high-toned voiced shined in the heavy rock song, “Louder”.

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Jul 27 2018

URBANGARDE – Interview (2018)

Interview by David Cirone
July 26, 2018

Japanese “trauma techno-pop” band URBANGARDE has been pushing the envelope for a decade, and they recently marked their 10-year anniversary with a knockout celebration in Tokyo, “KEKKON SHIKI”. With years of experience behind them and increasing support from fans worldwide, their visual concepts and challenging ideas remain as controversial as ever. Vocalists Yoko Hamasaki and Temma Matsunaga map out their plans to transition URBANGARDE into an even higher level of social commentary and personal exploration.


Your 10th Anniversary “KEKKON SHIKI” event was super-theatrical, with lights, costumes, dancers. It was a full-scale production. How much planning was required?

Yoko Hamasaki: We decided the date for “KEKKON SHIKI” about a year ago, and we started laying out the details and song selection three or four months before the concert. But it was on my mind all year long.

Temma Matsunaga: I’d been thinking for a long time about the right direction for this celebration live, and what message we really wanted to deliver. This was a once-in-a-lifetime event for us and for our fans, and the more I thought about the fans, the idea of a wedding theme kept coming back. Even though I’ve never personally experienced getting married, the concept felt like a natural fit, and everything seemed to progress quickly from there.

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Jul 26 2018

BAND-MAID turn the page with “start over” single

JRock247-BAND-MAID-start over 1

Where do you go after you’ve released an album entitled WORLD DOMINATION? Release a single called “start over,” of course, which is just what metal mavens BAND-MAID did on July 25th. This is their third single, a follow-up to last year’s “Daydreaming,” and the accompanying video was released on July 3rd.

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Jul 26 2018

LUNATIC FEST. 2018 (Live Report Pt. 2) – ZIYOOU-VACHI & The BONEZ

June 23, 2018

Live report by Meiko Kikuta


ZIYOOU-VACHI was one of the bands new to the event. Just like coldrain, they also did a full length song for soundcheck. Joining in with the test, fans pulled out their iconic colorful Juliana fans. The band name appeared on the side screens and the vocalist, Avu-chan, began dancing for “Kinsei” and “Venus”. Avu-chan regularly changed his voice into a girls’ voice through microphone, and the effect was like the band has two different vocalists singing to each other in “Baishun”.

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Jul 25 2018

HYDE – Interview (July 2018)

Interview by Michelle Minikhiem
July 24, 2018


In the midst of a whirlwind tour, HYDE took some time to talk to JRock247 about performing solo again and working together with YOSHIKI to create the recently-debuted “Red Swan”.

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Jul 23 2018

LUNATIC FEST. 2018 (Live Report Pt. 1) – LUNACY & coldrain

June 23, 2018

Live report by Meiko Kikuta


LUNATIC FEST. returned to Makuhari Messe for the second time. LUNA SEA hosted this all-day long rock festival about three years ago with its official concept “The band’s maddest rock festival”. The first event included some of the most popular rock bands in Japan: SIAM SHADE, MUCC, [Alexandros], D’erlanger, BUCK-TICK, X JAPAN, and of course its host, LUNA SEA.

With its success in 2015, the event returned to the same venue with a slight change in the lineup. This time, 18 artists were picked to perform on stage. Four new bands made it to the list which brought a fresh and even bigger audience to the event.


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Jul 23 2018

BABYMETAL reveals A!SMART variant cover for APOCRYPHA graphic novel


This fall, BABYMETAL will release the original graphic novel APOCRYPHA: THE LEGEND OF BABYMETAL, which will explore the unknown mythology of the group.

To coincide with Comic-Con International, the first of four variant covers has been revealed by Amuse Group USA – a subsidiary of BABYMETAL’s management company Amuse, Inc. – and independent publisher Z2 Comics whose previous collaborators include rock star Dan Auerbach and DJ Paul Oakenfold.

The cover, from the book’s award-winning illustrator GMB Chomichuk, is an exclusive for the online store A!SMART and copies are available for pre-order now. The other three covers will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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Jul 22 2018

Hotei to return to Europe in the autumn of 2018

JRock247-Hotei-fall-tour-2018Japanese superstar HOTEI returns to Europe in October with live dates scheduled in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and UK.

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