Oct 04 2018

YOSHIKI feat. HYDE “Red Swan” from Attack on Titan – #1 iTunes Rock Chart debut in 10 countries


Released October 3, The Attack on Titan theme song “Red Swan” by YOSHIKI feat. HYDE debuted at #1 on iTunes Rock Charts in 10 countries (Japan, Finland, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Hong Kong)

The single has also reached the Top 10 on mainstream iTunes Charts in 16 countries, and is climbing the iTunes Rock Chart in the U.S. (#6) and UK (#8). “Red Swan” is the first Japanese anime song in history to rank this high on iTunes Rock charts.

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Oct 03 2018

Keiko Terada (SHOW-YA) – Interview (2018)


Keiko Terada (SHOW-YA)
Interview by Todd Nelson
Translation by Harumi Arita
July 29, 2018

Vocalist Keiko Terada is best known as the front woman for the legendary all-female Japanese band SHOW-YA. We interviewed Keiko just prior to the DOLL$FESTA live event on July 29, 2018.

SHOW-YA’s recent efforts Genuine Diamond, Progress, and AURORA, pick up and build from right where Outerlimits and Hard Way left off. How challenging is it to keep evolving and improving given the band’s already rich history?

Keiko: I knew it would be challenging. With increasing age and changing times, everything gets reflected in our music — the way my feelings change, the way I view our songs, even just surviving what’s going on in the world. I’m evolving day after day, and I adapt elements of that evolution to create our SHOW-YA sound. That’s the main challenge.

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Oct 02 2018

URBANGARDE celebrates Tokyo subculture at Utsu Fes 2018


Japanese trauma techno pop band URBANGARDE presented the 5th annual UTSU FES (Depression Festival) on September 8, 2018 at Tsutaya O-East.

The eight-hour, all-day music festival featured performances by URBANGARDE and an exciting list of guest stars from a wide variety of alternative genres, including SPANK HAPPY, PASSPO☆, Eren-chan, R-Shitei, Maison book girl, Kenji Ohtsuki, Kinoco Hotel, Shiina Pikarin, Ohkengarde (Kenji Ohtsuki + URBANGARDE), and Den’ei to Shounen CQ.

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Oct 01 2018

X JAPAN sends fans home for safety, performs unprecedented “closed-door” concert at Makuhari Messe


X JAPAN’s third-straight night of sold-out concerts — X JAPAN LIVE IN JAPAN 2018 THREE DEEP RED NIGHTS AT MAKUHARI MESSE — was suddenly cancelled on September 30th due to the impending weather effects of Typhoon Trami.

With concern for the safety of fans as their top priority, X JAPAN announced that tickets for all 33,000 people would be refunded but the band would perform an unprecedented large-scale “closed-door concert” with complete stage effects and crew for the scheduled live broadcast on WOWOW that night.

When the announcement was made in the early afternoon, thousands of fans who had arrived early at the venue screamed in shock, many having traveled from overseas to join the 100,000 who’d gathered from September 28-30 for X JAPAN’s largest live concerts in 8 years.

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Sep 30 2018

TsuShiMaMiRe embarks on month-long tour of North America


Girls punk band TsuShiMaMiRe has announced one of the most ambitious Japanese rock band tours North America has ever seen, with 29 dates in 31 days across both coasts and the Midwest. The tour begins October 4 in Texas and circles round back to the Lone Star State to wrap up on November 7.

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Sep 28 2018

SCANDAL to represent Japan for International Cassette Store Day

JRock247-SCANDAL-Cassette Store Day 1

Grab your boombox — International Cassette Store Day is coming up on October 13, and SCANDAL has been designated the official ambassador for Japan. As part of the event, the band plans to sell a limited edition SCANDAL-branded portable tape player. The unit will be available for sale at their Tokyo Feedback! store as well as some of the shops listed on the organizer’s site, although exactly which ones is unclear. Perfect as a gift with a mixtape for a friend or SO.

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Sep 27 2018

Shonen Knife roll (and rock) through USA

JRock247-Shonen Knife-Band 1

Osaka’s number one punk band, Shonen Knife, are a little more than halfway through their extended trek across the United States on their ALIVE! in the U.S.A. 2018 tour with upcoming stops along the west coast. Like a punk rock Rolling Stones, the group is in their element on the road with no signs of slowing down in their fourth decade as a group.

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Sep 22 2018

YOSHIKI and HYDE premiere full version of Attack on Titan theme Red Swan


YOSHIKI and HYDE unveiled the long-awaited full version of the new Attack on Titan theme song, “Red Swan”, on Music Station Ultra Fes 2018, broadcast September 17 on TV Asahi in Japan.

On the roof of the TV Asahi building at night, where it had been raining up until just moments before, the superstar musicians performed their first-ever TV collaboration. YOSHIKI played his crystal piano as HYDE delivered the mixed English-Japanese lyrics with the brightly-lit Tokyo Tower in the background.

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Sep 19 2018

X JAPAN counts down to “Three Deep Red Nights” at Makuhari Messe with headliner performance at TV Asahi Dream Festival


X JAPAN played a special concert as the headliner of TV Asahi Dream Festival 2018 at Makuhari Messe on September 15 in Chiba, Japan. The band gave the audience of 15,000 an advance look at the band’s energetic performance just two weeks before they kick off their three-day series “X JAPAN LIVE IN JAPAN 2018 THREE DEEP RED NIGHTS AT MAKUHARI MESSE” on September 28 for 100,000 fans.

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Sep 19 2018

YOSHIKI reveals YOSHIKI CLASSICAL 2018 dates plus Sarah Brightman collaboration


YOSHIKI — composer, classically trained pianist, rock drummer, and leader of rock group X JAPAN — accepted an invitation to meet with the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan in Tokyo on September 13, 2018, conducting the 90-minute conference entirely in English for the room filled to capacity by foreign news agencies stationed in Japan.

YOSHIKI fielded questions about the international success of the X JAPAN documentary film We Are X, X JAPAN’s upcoming album, and his emergency neck surgery last year. When discussing his friendship and collaborations with world-famous artists, such as his co-appearance with Marilyn Manson at Coachella or with Skrillex at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, he surprised reporters by revealing his upcoming collaboration with superstar soprano Sarah Brightman.

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