May 15 2018

Esprit D’Air returns to Europe on Constellation tour

Jrock247-Esprit D'Air-Constellations Europe

Japanese metal band, Esprit D’Air, extends their Constellation Tour with four stops across Europe this September.

Continuing on from their 7-day headlining tour held earlier this February, the new dates include concerts in Barcelona, Paris, and Japanese music festival, AVO, in the Netherlands. The upcoming tour will also feature a concert in London after having consecutively sold out headlining shows.

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May 13 2018

Unlucky Morpheus – CADAVER/REVADAC (MV)


Unlucky Morpheus’ followup to “Black Pentagram” is a mind blowing masterpiece. The MV features both “CADAVER” and “REVADAC”. Both songs use the same sheet music, with “REVADAC” playing the notes in reverse! In addition to the official MV there is a sheet music version, and a FUMIYA version – focusing solely on the drummer.

The band has also started to make some of their music available digitally for the first time. CADAVER/REVADAC, Black Pentagram, and Vampir are now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

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May 11 2018

BRATS announce self-titled debut album


Girls rock band BRATS — formed by sisters Rei Kuromiya (ex. Ladybaby) and Aya Kuromiya — will release their first full length album on July 25, 2018. The 10-song self-titled CD BRATS, including previously released studio tracks “Ainikoiyo” (To be Hero anime theme song) and “Nounai Shoukyo Game” (Slavemen film theme song) will also come in a limited edition package with a 24-page booklet and DVD with 5 music videos.

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May 08 2018

Wagakki Band – Interview (2018)

Wagakki Band
Interview by Nhu Nguyen
May 7, 2018


Wagakki Band released their fifth studio album Otonoe in April and we had the chance to talk to Yuko Suzuhana (vocals), Machiya (guitar), and Ibukuro Kiyoshi (koto) about their stunning new release, the creative process, and inspiring a new generation in the art of wagakki.

Aside from rock, some of your recent work includes musical elements like jazz, piano, and orchestra. Why did you decide to add these new creative elements?

Suzuhana: Each of the eight members of our group have different musical roots, and I’ve felt uncomfortable being perceived as a rock band — our music naturally evolves as we continue to share our musical tastes and influences with each other, and we don’t feel like we’re limited to just one genre. After five years together, we understand each other better and we’ve been able to create our own unique “Wagakki Band genre”. That’s the voice we’re using to express ourselves. As for the piano, it felt comfortable to make that next step since I majored in classical piano in college. The sound has always been in my head, but we waited for the best timing to include it, once we established what Wagakki Band is.

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May 07 2018

SCANDAL announces fall U.S. and Mexico concert dates

JRock247-SCANDAL-Special Thanks Tour

SCANDAL, everyone’s favorite fab quartet, have scheduled some U.S. concerts dates for September (with stops in Mexico to follow) that promise to bring the band’s own brand of sonic wonderment and keenly refined pop sensibilities to venues from New York to California. Full details of the “Special Thanks” tour have yet to be announced, but more information and ticket reservation links can be found on the band’s Facebook page.

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May 02 2018



Following in the well trod footsteps of many a mega rock act, unstoppable kawaii-metal sensation BABYMETAL has announced plans to form their own record label in collaboration with 5B Artist Management, who handle such acts as SLIPKNOT and MEGADETH, and U.K.-based Cooking Vinyl Records, who have released music from a diverse roster of talent including The Cult, The Cranberries, Suzanne Vega, and The Prodigy.

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May 01 2018

URBANGARDE renews vows with fans at KEKKON SHIKI anniversary event


Japanese rock group URBANGARDE celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a spectacle-filled concert titled “KEKKON SHIKI” at Nakano Sun Plaza on April 8, 2018.

Vocalist Yoko Hamasaki surprised the sold-out audience by entering the stage to an EDM arrangement of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” in a custom bridal outfit adorned with URBANGARDE’s signature red polka dots. As the band took their places on stage, frontman Temma Matsunaga dramatically asked the question, “Do you swear to walk with your band forever?”

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Apr 28 2018

LOVEBITES releases The Crusade MV from Battle Against Damnation


Japanese heavy metal band LOVEBITES will follow up their debut album Awakening From Abyss with new mini-album Battle Against Damnation, available in Europe and North America on June 8 rom JPU Records.

Lead track “The Crusade” sees LOVEBITES – who are nominated “Best New Band” in Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards 2018 – pay their respects to British heavy metal. Watch the video here.

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Apr 28 2018

LAMP IN TERREN get some “New Clothes” in latest music video

JRock247-LAMP IN TERREN-New Clothes-Video 1

Following up on their latest single, Dreams, from earlier in the month, LAMP IN TERREN have recently released a video for another stunner of a new track, New Clothes.

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Apr 24 2018

X JAPAN proves rock’s not dead at Coachella 2018


Legendary Japanese rock group X JAPAN made a triumphant return to the Coachella Music & Arts Festival this past weekend, Saturday, April 21. As one of only a few rock artists performing at the festival, X JAPAN’s powerful rock performance and elaborate production thrilled the Coachella crowd with a rousing hard rock concert, pyrotechnics and special effects that delivered both surprises and guest stars.


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