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akai SKY – Interview (2015)

akai SKY Interview by Jen Wang October 8, 2015 For the past decade, akai SKY have blended their American and Japanese rock influences to create the bilingual genre of American J-rock. The band recently released their third EP, Chasing Lights, and performed at AnimeFest in Dallas, Texas alongside the violin-and-cello duo Ramen and Rice. JRock247 …

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akai SKY – AnimeFest 2015 Live Report

akai SKY AnimeFest, September 5, 2015 Live report by Jen Wang What does American J-Rock sound like? That was the question lingering on the minds of AnimeFest attendees unfamiliar with the music of akai SKY. Nevertheless, they were ready to rock. They were perhaps a little too amped up for the orchestral opener, Ramen and …

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