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BUDO GRAPE – Zankokuna Yasashisa (MV)

Budo Grape previews new album with second set of digital singles

Nagoya-based New-Wave band Budo Grape has released 2 more digital singles on iTunes this month, continuing the streak they began in March building up to their new album later this year. “Hakase ni Soudan” and “Kyou no kare Ashita no watashi” are available now on iTunes worldwide. https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/budo-grape/id128156920

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Budo Grape releases 2 new singles in March

Nagoya-based New-Wave band Budo Grape has released 2 new digital singles on iTunes this month, their first new material since 2014’s full-length album Amsterdam. With quirky vocals (Quminco), sharp keyboards (Naho), lean bass (Matsui) and drums (Taichi), and punk-inspired guitar from band leader Nagai, Budo Grape has won many fans abroad since their overseas debut …

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Budo Grape at Nagoya Tokuzo (Aug 9 2014)

Photos from Nagoya New-Wave Rock group Budo Grape’s show at Nagoya’s Tokuzo live house August 9, 2014. Photos by Ichiro Takami

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Budo Grape – Amsterdam (Review)

Budo Grape Amsterdam Review by David Cirone Budo Grape’s latest release Amsterdam delivers the journey promised by its album art, sending the band off in a new direction while retaining all the elements that have made the Nagoya-based new wave band so durable and enjoyable over the years. From the mysterious whispers of the ambient …

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Budo Grape – Kimi no Shiranai Ureshippai (MV)

New MV from Budo Grape from their new album Amsterdam. Always playful and never short of a good riff, the new song “Kimi no Shiranai Ureshippai” from the Nagoya-based indies band is classic, chilled Budo Grape.

Budo Grape completes second UK tour

Nagoya-based synth-pop/new wave Japanese band Budo Grape completed their second tour of the United Kingdom this month, with stops in London, Brighton, and Manchester. Budo Grape Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BUDOGRAPE

Budo Grape adds additional UK tour dates

Budo Grape have added extra UK dates for November! As previously announced (http://www.itcamefromjapan.co.uk/budo-grape-return), Neo-Nagoya new-wave rock band Budo Grape will perform at the Doki Doki Japanese pop-culture festival in Manchester on November 9. Extra dates have now been added in Brighton on November 8 and London on November 10, so you can get a taste …

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Quminco Grape featured on the cover of NagMag

Japanese alternative pop group Budo Grape are tearing up the Nagoya live house scene. Vocalist Quminco Grape is featured on the cover of the June 2013 issue of NagMag, marking the third time the band has been featured in the popular English-language magazine which focuses on Nagoya’s local music and pop culture. Check out the …

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New Wave J-Rock band Budo Grape returns to UK for Doki Doki Japanese Festival

Nagoya-based Japanese band Budo Grape will return to the United Kingdom for the Doki Doki Japanese Festival in November 2013. Budo Grape completed their first tour of the United Kingdom in 2012 in cooperation with It Came From Japan, with appearances in London, Brighton, and Manchester. The Doki Doki event will be held at Manchester’s …

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