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FLOW Unleash ANIME BEST KIWAMI Ahead of Paris Concert

Japan’s pop-rock giants FLOW will unleash their ultimate collection of anime songs on CD in Europe on November 11, 2016 through JPU Records. Entitled ANIME BEST KIWAMI, the 18-track compilation has already proved popular overseas, with ten videos from the album having accumulated more than 50-million plays outside of Japan on YouTube. The release comes …

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FLOW Announces Their First World Tour in 8 Countries – “FLOW WORLD TOUR 2015 KIWAMI”

Japanese rock band FLOW, known for multiple anime theme songs (Code Geass, Eureka SeveN, Naruto, Samurai Flamenco, Heroman, Persona Trinity Soul, Beelzebub), will start their first world tour from this May, spanning eight countries: Japan, Taiwan, United States, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Canada.

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