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Sep 14 2017

Best J-Rock on Spotify: DAZZLE VISION – Child be found of…


Today’s best J-Rock track on Spotify: DAZZLE VISION – Child be found of…

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Apr 22 2015

DAZZLE VISION announces band breakup


J-Rock screamo band DAZZLE VISION officially confirmed their breakup today on their official Facebook page. Long rumored after the band’s last album FINAL ATTACK, DAZZLE VISION has been inactive since last year, and their official website had also disappeared. DAZZLE VISION’s highlights in recent years include USA performances at Sakura-Con (2010) and Tekkoshocon (2013), and …

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May 22 2014

DAZZLE VISION featured in Final Fantasy Agito battle scenes


Japanese hard rock screamo band DAZZLE VISION will be featured in the new Square Enix smartphone game Final Fantasy Agito. The band’s vocalist Maiko lends her signature shouts to the iOS/Android game during the weekend “Toubatsusen” battles where players fight together against giant bosses. Tsuyoshi Ishikawa (Pay money To my Pain/BONEZ) on the bass and …

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Mar 16 2014



DAZZLE VISION FINAL ATTACK Review by David Cirone With their latest album, FINAL ATTACK, DAZZLE VISION has finally unleashed Full-Metal Maiko. The band’s trademark split-personality screamo/melodic style is still here, but new guitarist Tony has brought in an electronic element that opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the band (maybe “screamo-electronic”?). The …

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Feb 06 2014



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Jan 29 2014

DAZZLE VISION featured on SADS tribute album


J-Rock screamo band DAZZLE VISION will be featured on the SADS tribute album to be released this March in Japan. DAZZLE VISION will contribute their cover of the song “Hate,” originally released on the album The Rose God Gave Me in 2001. SADS RESPECT ALBUM “M” Release Date: March 26, 2014 Geishun Label Official Site: …

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Jan 09 2014

DAZZLE VISION announces new album FINAL ATTACK


DAZZLE VISION revealed the track list and jacket art for their new CD FINAL ATTACK. Release Date: March 7, 2014 Track List 1. FINAL ATTACK 2. Evolution 3. Circle 4. All Out 5. To The End 6. A Brand New World 7. SECOND 8. Heartless 9. Be Free 10. Sphere 11. Black Star 12. Open …

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Jan 07 2014

DAZZLE VISION – 2014 new look and guitarist audition event


DAZZLE VISION premiered a new band photo today as they announced the search for a new guitarist. Current guitarist Tony (ex. Syn) is expanding his producer roles with bands such as From Adam on Down, and the band is looking for a side-man and eventual replacement should Tony’s producer activities continue to grow. The band …

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Jan 01 2014

DAZZLE VISION at Devils Fes 2 (2013)


DAZZLE VISION at Devils Fes 2 at Aichi 3Star Imaike (Nagoya) 2013.11.17 – produced by Dazzle Vision’s Tony

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Dec 06 2013



DAZZLE VISION laid claim to their self-christened category of “screamo-pop” with vocalist Maiko’s rough and fearless death-voice performances, but the band wouldn’t have experienced such longevity and acclaim if they were just a one-trick pony. Maiko’s ability to shift gears into a remarkably soft and feminine vocal, along with the band’s frequent journeys into dreamy …

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