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Oct 25 2015

SXSW to host panel on Japanese music scene


SXSW 2016 will host an informative and challenging panel on the current state of Japanese music titled “The Japanese Music Scene: More than VK and Idols” http://schedule.sxsw.com/2016/events/event_PP51751 Presenters: Apryl Peredo (Fuchsia), Hiroking Tanabe (DJHIROKING), Ryotaro Aoki (Journalist), Yukio Kobayashi (9 to the Universe) Description: The Japanese music scene. What comes to mind? Legacy bands like …

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Sep 09 2015

DIR EN GREY releases MV collection Average Psycho 2


DIR EN GREY releases MV collection Average Psycho 2 Track listing: 1 [-Music Clip-] Agitated Screams of Maggots 2 [-Music Clip-] VINUSHKA 3 [-Music Clip-] Unraveling 4 [-Music Clip-] Revelation of mankind 5 [-Live Screen Video-] 蜜と唾 (Live Screen Ver.) 6 [-Live Screen Video-] THE BLOSSOMING BEELZEBUB (Live Screen Ver.) 7 [-Bonus Footage-] Interview 8 …

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Aug 12 2015

DIR EN GREY’s Shinya makes runway debut with h. NAOTO


DIR EN GREY’s Shinya runway debut with h. NAOTO Press conference and fashion show recap by Nhu Nguyen August 12, 2015 For VAMPS 2014 Halloween party, DIR EN GREY’s Shinya and designer Hirooaka Naoto (h.NAOTO) collaborated on Shinya’s costume. Since then, the designer has wanted to do something cool to present the drummer of DIR …

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Jul 20 2015

DIR EN GREY returns to North America and Mexico on “TOUR15 NEVER FREE FROM THE AWAKENING”


DIR EN GREY comes back to the US, Canada, and Mexico for a limited run of concerts from November 2 – 13 this winter entitled “TOUR15 NEVER FREE FROM THE AWAKENING”. Watch the men perform songs off of ARCHE with general admission tickets or purchase a special meet and greet ticket! November 02, 2015 Seattle, …

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Jun 26 2015

Dir En Grey’s Shinya to model for h.Naoto at Anime Expo


DIR EN GREY drummer Shinya will make his modeling debut for h.NAOTO at Anime Expo’s fashion show in July. In addition to appearing in the fashion show, Shinya will also be participating in a Q&A panel with h.NAOTO as well as autograph sessions throughout the weekend. With a career spanning 9 spectacular studio albums and …

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Jan 04 2015

JRock247′s Best J-Rock Album Covers of 2014


Check out our picks and commentary for the best album/single jacket art of 2014! http://jrock247.com/best-j-rock-album-covers/

Jan 02 2015

Dir en grey – ARCHE (Review)


DIR EN GREY ARCHE Review by Nhu Nguyen One of DIR EN GREY’s charms lies in the way they express the dark side of humanity through their music. It can be complicated or simple, but always raw. In their ninth album, ARCHE, Greek for “origin, beginning, or source of action”, a human’s arche is pain. …

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May 05 2014

exist†trace Interview (2014)


exist†trace Interview by Natalie Perez May 5, 2014 As one of Japan’s first all-female Visual Kei rock bands, exist†trace has released multiple singles, albums, and videos, and performed in Europe and America. Just a few weeks before the release of their new single “Spiral Daisakusen”, Jyou (vocals), miko (vocals and guitar), Omi (guitar), Naoto (bass), …

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Nov 19 2013

Dir en grey – The Unraveling (Review)


Dir en grey The Unraveling Review by Nhu Nguyen Maintaining a band is like maintaining a relationship, it takes work. It’s hard enough for two people, but a band always deals with three or more personalities. Despite being five very different people, Dir en grey have continued with the same line up for 16 years. …

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