Jan 19 2014

The Blue Hearts – Super Best (Review)


RETRO REVIEW The Blue Hearts Super Best Review by David Cirone You’d think the Clash had a Japanese brother, so brace yourself. When you crack this open this 17-track CD for the first time, you’re jumping in with legendary opening track “Linda Linda”. Brash, relentless, and unquestionably male, it set the standard for the upbeat. …

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Dec 06 2013



DAZZLE VISION laid claim to their self-christened category of “screamo-pop” with vocalist Maiko’s rough and fearless death-voice performances, but the band wouldn’t have experienced such longevity and acclaim if they were just a one-trick pony. Maiko’s ability to shift gears into a remarkably soft and feminine vocal, along with the band’s frequent journeys into dreamy …

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Sep 10 2013

Top 10 Swinging Popsicle Songs


With a sizable repertoire, Swinging Popsicle has a lot to choose from. Since their major-label debut on Sony Music in 1997, Swinging Popsicle has established a unique voice and steady level of quality, mixing hard rock, soft rock, shoegazer, and trippy experimental music. The band has visited America a few times (Fanime MusicFest, New York …

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Sep 13 2012

Princess Princess – The Greatest Princess (Review)


RETRO REVIEW Princess Princess The Greatest Princess Review by David Cirone 1996 compilation album The Greatest Princess was a cool find in my local CD shop. Super-popular in the late 80′s, Princess Princess was the first all-female band to headline Tokyo’s Budokan in 1989. Even though the synth-pop guitars of opening tracks “19 Growing Up” …

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May 28 2012

JUDY AND MARY – The Power Source (Review)


RETRO REVIEW JUDY AND MARY The Power Source Review by David Cirone Opening the album with the show-stopping “Birthday Song” is a big risk, but who other than JUDY AND MARY can pull it off? Grand scale vocals from Yuki, and serious showmanship from guitarist Takuya set the bar high from the get-go, and it …

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