FATE GEAR new album Headless Goddess

Japanese metal band FATE GEAR will release their new album Headless Goddess on January 9, 2019, with the band’s first European tour beginning March 1 in Germany. The CD includes rare tracks written and composed by band leader Mina.

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FATE GEAR – Shibuya Takeoff 7 “Versus” (Gallery)

FATE GEAR Shibuya TAKEOFF 7 April 7, 2018 Photos by Meiko Kikuta Hot pics from FATE GEAR’s set at the BRATS-produced “Versus” event at Shibuya Takeoff 7 on April 7, 2018.

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FATE GEAR – OZ -Rebellion- (Review)

FATE GEAR OZ -Rebellion- Review by Aleksey Chernoyarov At the beginning there were only two people in this band. Nico (vocalist) and Mina (guitarist). But even two women can create a wonderful album (A Light in the Black). Since then, the number of band members has increased (now there are five women) and they all …

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