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May 02 2013

TRIAMPERSANDY – Interview (2013)


TRIAMPERSANDY Interview by Nhu Nguyen May 2, 2013 TRIAMPERSANDY is G-YUN (performing as G-YUNcoSANDY) (vocals) / MISSY (guitar) / HIDE (guitar) / Ryo-Hey (bass/keyboard) / Wani (drums) TRIAMPERSANDY is a unique sounding band name! How did you all come up with this name? G-YUN: It’s the combination of a triangle and an ampersand. When we …

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Mar 17 2013


Look for former members of Gollbetty (G-Yun, MISSY) and ketchup mania (Wani) in this great new video from TRIAMPERSANDY. Album release PLANET OF THE TRIAMPERSAND is available on IndiesMusic.com. http://www.indiesmusic.com/ArtistView.aspx?id=21880 http://www.triampersandy.com

May 12 2012

G-YUN – Message (PV)

G-YUN – Message (PV)