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KAMIJO to release new single Nosferatu and live DVD in January 2018

In January 2018, KAMIJO will release his new single “Nosferatu” and a live DVD Epic Rock Orchestra at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo. “Nosferatu” is a standard song of KAMIJO’s concerts, and the recording for this release features the gospel chorus group, Be Choir, who joined the Versailles’ concert at Nippon Budokan. The single will also include …

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Kamijo is all smiles in Mademoiselle promo event

Kamijo poses for some fun pictures at the Mademoiselle release events at Tower Records in Osaka and Shinjuku.

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Kamijo reveals striking cover images for “mademoiselle”

Kamijo has revealed the high-fashion cover images for all three editions of his upcoming single “mademoiselle”, due for release September 27. Available in a regular edition and two separate DVD combos, each edition contains exclusive extras such as “Urei no Hana ga Tsuzuru Ai (LAREINE self-cover), music videos for “mademoiselle” and “Castrato” and behind-the-scenes concert …

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Versailles – The Greatest Hits 2007-2016 (Review)

Versailles Philharmonic Quartet The Greatest Hits 2007-2016 Review by Nhu Nguyen Versailles’s The Greatest Hits compilation undeniably captures the sound that made them popular to visual kei fans worldwide. Filled with the staple songs that initially made me a fan so many years ago, early tracks like “The Revenant Choir” and “Aristocrat’s Symphony” jogged my …

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KAMIJO – LA VIE EN ROSE 20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo (DVD Review)

KAMIJO LA VIE EN ROSE -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo Review by Nhu Nguyen KAMIJO’s undeniable penchant for French romanticism is very evident in the LA VIE EN ROSE KAMIJO -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo DVD. Starting out as a roadie for Malice Mizer, the influence of …

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Kamijo to release 4-disc live set from 20th Anniversary Finale

KAMIJO has announced the upcoming release of LA VIE EN ROSE KAMIJO -20th Anniversary Best – Grand Finale Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, a double-CD, double-DVD recorded at KAMIJO’s concert held on December 28, 2015 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, commemorating the 20th anniversary of his career. The set features a wide selection of songs made during all …

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RHEDORIC Tomo – Interview (2015)

RHEDORIC – TOMO Interview by Nhu Nguyen November 19, 2015 RHEDORIC is a rock group made up of some familiar faces: guitarist Yusuke Suga (ex. 12012), guitarist TOMO (ex. Deflina Ma’riage), bassist Shigure (support for Kamijo), vocalist Yuji (ex. Carat) and it was recently announced on November 9th that drummer Naruka (ex. Carat) would be …

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Kamijo Releases LINE Stamps

KAMIJO, who is celebrating his 20th anniversary from his debut this year, will release his first official LINE stamps. His official LINE account will open on the same day. The official LINE stamps will feature a charmingly cartooned KAMIJO with various expressions and phrases including his fan-favorite phrase, “Bonjour!”. The KAMIJO stamps are on sale …

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Promic TV features interview with Kamijo

Promic TV’s latest web episode features an interview with visual kei artist Kamijo about his new album and upcoming tour dates.

KAMIJO to release self-cover album Royal Blood – Revival Best on July 15

Japanese visual kei rock artist KAMIJO has just finished the South America leg of this 20th Anniversary World Tour with a great success. This was his first time to tour South America as a solo artist, and his first tour in 4 years since his last tour with Versailles. The last show of the tour …

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