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Lolita23q announces release of new single Joker Game

Visual kei merch store Chaotic Harmony Imports is now offering pre-orders for Lolita23q’s latest single, “Joker Game.” The single comes in a set which features a signed cheki from a member of the customer’s choice, personalized with their name. This special set is available for $16 and ships world-wide. Pre-orders will close on the release …

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WING WORKS Overseas Debut at Paris Manga 2015

Unbounded Records will present WING WORKS’ overseas debut performance at Paris Manga convention, February 7-8th. WING WORKS was produced in September 2012 as the solo project of ex-Lolita23q member, RYO:SUKE. With the former bassist taking on the role of front-man and vocalist, the project is now backed by support members called “WING MEN” who are …

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