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CANTOY – Interview (2012)

CANTOY Interview by David Cirone March 4, 2012 What’s the meaning of CANTOY’s name? Catherine: It will take a long time to explain. It’s not important right? HAGA-CHANG: That’s right. Ken: It doesn’t take long at all! miri-pow: The band was called “Candy Toy Box,” but that was too cute. So we shortened it and …

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CANTOY – Super Drive (Live) / LOUD UP!! (PV)

Double-dose of up-and-coming Tokyo punk band CANTOY. Produced by ex-ketchup mania guitarist & leader Dai’s new label Splatter Records, they’re the heir apprent for Tokyo’s indie punk scene, taking over for legends like ketchup mania, Skull Candy, Uplift Spice, and Berry Roll. You’ll catch a few glimpses of Dai in the live video below, most …

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CANTOY 2011 Japan Tour

CANTOY 2011.03.21 at Nagoya Day Trip

CANTOY 2010 Japan Tour

CANTOY 2010.08.05 at Nagoya R.A.D. CANTOY MISSMATCH!? 2010 TOUR SCHEDULE 7/11 新宿Marble(レコ発) 7/24 沖縄Cyber-Box 7/25 桜坂セントラル 8/1 水戸SONIC 8/2 仙台RIPPLE 8/4 心斎橋CLAPPER 8/5 名古屋R.A.D 8/6 滋賀ユーストン 8/8 神戸KINGSCROSS 8/18 熊谷HEAVEN’S ROCK 8/19 宇都宮HEAVEN’S ROCK 8/21 千葉LOOK 8/22 下北沢251 8/28 小倉FUSE 8/29 広島CAVE BE 8/31 松江AZTiC canova 9/1 米子belier 9/2 京都mojo 9/11 上諏訪ROCK HEARTS 9/12 新潟JUNKBOXmini 9/16 横浜BAYSIS 9/18 心斎橋KINGCOBRA 9/19 鶴舞DAYTRIP 9/20 三重KINGCOBRA …

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