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Mar 17 2019

MUCC’s Kowareta Piano to Living Dead (Interview and Live Report)


MUCC Interview by Michelle Minikhiem March 17, 2019 Your album released in February is titled Kowareta Piano to Living Dead (“The Broken Piano and the Living Dead”). You listened to 140 demos that you created a long time ago and chose 9 of them to make this album. That sounds like a really difficult task. …

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Jan 15 2019

Halloween Party 2018 — Day 3 (Live Report)


HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018 October 28th, 2018 MAKUHARI MESSE Live Report by Michelle Minikhiem Photos by Hideaki Imamoto, Toshikazu Oguruma, Kazuko Tanaka The final day of HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018 showed the same dedication to the Alice in Wonderland theme as the days prior. After seemingly falling from the ceiling like Alice down the rabbit hole, Kanon …

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Jan 15 2019

Halloween Party 2018 — Day 2 (Live Report)


HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018 October 27th, 2018 MAKUHARI MESSE Live Report by Michelle Minikhiem Photos by Hideaki Imamoto, Toshikazu Oguruma, Kazuko Tanaka HALLOWEEN PARTY 2018 was the first year that the entire event was focused around a central theme. The stage was decorated in iconic Alice in Wonderland tea party imagery and began with the shocking …

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Dec 10 2018



Tick, tock. Wake up and reset your clock to the music video for one of MUCC’s latest songs, “Timer”, before the sand runs out and everything burns down. You can get this great song on their July release “Jigen Bakudan”.

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Jun 29 2018

YOSHIKI shocks fans at LUNATIC FEST. 2018 with HIDE collaboration and all-star guest performances


YOSHIKI shocked fans at LUNATIC FEST. 2018 with a moving tribute to X Japan guitarist hide and guest collaborations with members of LUNA SEA, GLAY, and MUCC in his first-ever solo classical performance at a music festival. YOSHIKI opened his set with Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” as a thematic homage to the festival’s organizers, LUNA SEA. …

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Jan 17 2018

JRock247’s Best J-Rock Album Covers 2017


Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2017, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Michelle Minikhiem, Todd Nelson, and Nhu Nguyen. Click here to view the full list, including VAMPS, MUCC, Shiina Ringo, DOLL$BOXX, Yousei Teikoku, LOVEBITES, and many more!

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Dec 04 2017

MUCC Tribute Album “TRIBUTE OF MUCC -en-” (Review)


MUCC Tribute Album “TRIBUTE OF MUCC -en-” Various Artists Review by Michelle Minikhiem If you’re looking for a good way to join in with the rest of the J-Rock world in celebrating MUCC’s 20th anniversary this year, look no further than this album. This is a 2-disc collection of some of the most talented musicians …

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Nov 20 2017

Yokai, Sci-fi, and Flying High! VAMPS Halloween Party 2017: Day 3


Halloween Party 2017: Day 3 Makuhari Messe, October 29, 2017 Live Report by Michelle Minikhiem Photo credit: Hideaki Imamoto, Toshikazu Oguruma, Kazuko Tanaka, Senichi Kasai The third and final day of Halloween Party 2017 somehow managed to surpass day two in both production quality and hypeness levels. This was in no small part due to the artist lineup, which …

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Mar 15 2017

MUCC loads your trunk full of music with 4-disc Best II/Coupling II case


MUCC’s upcoming Best II / Coupling II limited-edition set comes in a deluxe 4-CD package, including the bonus disc of remixes exclusive to this set. Best of MUCC II & Coupling Best II arrive March 29, 2017. MUCC Official Website (English): http://www.55-69.com/english MUCC Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/facemucc

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Oct 22 2016

VAMPS’ Halloween Party 2016 is all the madness you can handle


VAMPS opened their annual Halloween Party festival event at Kobe’s World Memorial Hall on October 22. Hyde and Kaz’s eye-opening Harley Quinn and Joker cosplay added extra flavor to the already impressive lineup, which included MONGOL800, BREAKERZ, and members of MUCC, Sid, BULL ZEICHEN 88, and Kanon Wakeshima joining together to create this year’s version …

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