NSDP – Interview (2013)

NSDP Interview by Jen Wang June 19, 2013 After a smoking hot show to kick off Friday night at A-Kon, I had opportunity to speak with NSDP near the end of the convention. They had just returned from exploring Dallas. Ryo-Hey showed off a box of brand new sneakers while Ash sported his new cowboy …

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NSDP – A-Kon 2013 Live Report

NSDP A-Kon, June 1, 2013 Live report by Jen Wang NSDP is as unapologetically raw as the string of words that make up the acronym: night, spit, death, pain. They’re teeming with in-your-face energy, and they operate with no frills or pomp. To the sound of the cheering A-kon crowd mixed with their own instrumental …

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