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Piggy Banks – Shubiduba Inn (MV)

Someone finally managed to lock up Piggy Banks’ Yoko Yazawa for all of 5 seconds in the band’s new highway-cruising jam “Shuibuduba Inn”.

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Piggy Banks – Funky Monkey Ladies (MV)

Piggy Banks lays down a sweet soul groove in “Funky Monkey Ladies”. Don’t let the drumming pig and batshit crazy mid-son monkey break fool you — Piggy Banks is all the rock and then some.

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Piggy Banks – Zombie Boy (MV)

Piggy Banks, the new female rock band led by Yoko Yazawa, and some green screen are all that’s standing between us and the zombie apocalypse in “Zombie Boy”, the first single from the band’s debut album Time Thriller. Yes, that’s GO!GO!7188’s Akko back on bass duty, and if that doesn’t save the world, I don’t …

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