Hiroko Mano (ex. RAMPANT) reveals official website

Ex-RAMPANT lead vocalist Hiroko Mano opened her new website this week, with links to her blog and a sample track of her upcoming single produced by DAZZLE VISION’s Tony. Check it out here: http://www.manohiroko.com/

RAMPANT vocalist Hiroko Mano new single (sample)

RAMPANT vocalist Hiroko Mano – new single (sample) *produced by DAZZLE VISION guitarist Tony

RAMPANT vocalist Hiroko announces departure from band in August

Osaka-based Japanese hard rock band RAMPANT announced the upcoming departure of vocalist Hiroko after the band’s August 24th show. Hiroko made a statement on RAMPANT’s official blog, thanking fans for their support during her 8 years as a member of the band. She promises that both she and RAMPANT will continue to create music. Blog …

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RAMPANT message to Tekkoshocon

RAMPANT vocalist Hiroko wrote a special message to Tekkoshocon fans, and her friends from DAZZLE VISION delivered it in person to their booth in Pittsburgh. RAMPANT made their USA performance debut at Tekkoshocon in 2011.

RAMPANT guitarist Tomoya meets Megurine Luka

Guitarist Tomoya from Japanese rock band RAMPANT composed a new song feat. Vocaloid MEGURINE LUKA. Check out the video below: … interesting jump from RAMPANT’s hard & fast style: Watch the video fro GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL


RAMPANT – at Kyoto Live Buzz

RAMPANT – at Kyoto Live Buzz 2012.10.13 Set List 1. need you 2. Michinaki michihe 3. Love spell 4. Tear drop (new song) 5. Don’t look down on me (new song) 6. If I ain’t got you 7. Naked

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RAMPANT (Hiroko) – Saku video comment


RAMPANT – Still Growing Flower (live)

RAMPANT’s drummer KA+U (Katsu) killing the drums. Live at Osaka RUIDO