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Mar 28 2012

RAMPANT – Still Growing Flower (live)

RAMPANT – Still Growing Flower (live)

RAMPANT’s drummer KA+U (Katsu) killing the drums. Live at Osaka RUIDO

Feb 18 2012

RAMPANT – Interview (2012)


RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone February 18, 2012 As you were writing the songs for “Greedy Monster Wants All,” what goals did you have in mind? What new things did you want to try? Hiroko: When writing a song, I’m not really thinking of anything. I just write what I’m feeling at that particular time. …

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Jan 19 2012

RAMPANT – Interview (2011)


RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone April 12, 2011 Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT made their American debut at Tekkoshocon IX in Pittsburgh, PA. Playing for an audience of over 900 (the highest in the event’s history), the band delivered a 11-song set from their two latest releases, Choice of Life and BLOSSOM. A regular performance partner …

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Jan 14 2012



RAMPANT GREEDY MONSTER WANTS ALL Review by David Cirone Opening track “Quattro” starts with a deceptively simple drum intro that blends into RAMPANT’s trademark layered guitar sound. The Osaka-based quintet knows how to get the most out of their double-guitar lineup, and the 2-minute instrumental feels like a warm-up for the hard-rock throwdown to come. …

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Jan 13 2012

RAMPANT Interview (2010)


RAMPANT Interview by David Cirone October 18, 2010 Osaka-based hard-rock band RAMPANT has become a Japanese-indies favorite with their recent releases CHAIN and CHOICE OF LIFE. Performing regularly with female-fronted bands like Guardian Hacker, Dazzle Vision, and exist†trace, the 5-member group is preparing to launch a 19-show tour to support their new mini-album BLOSSOM. For …

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