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DAZZLE VISION channel on Nico Nico Douga

(from 11/30/2012 rehearsal studio live) …DAZZL “TELE”VISION! http://ch.nicovideo.jp/channel/dazzlevision

More DAZZLE VISION Maiko UTAU Madness!

DAZZLE VISION’s SHOCKING LOUD VOICE hits #1 on HMV Japan’s Indies Pre-Order Chart

DAZZLE VISION’s new release SHOCKING LOUD VOICE hits #1 on HMV Japan’s Indies Pre-Order Chart! 2012.04.11


DAZZLE VISION’s new PV for “SECOND” from upcoming release SHOCKING LOUD VOICE

Dazzle Vision in new UTAU software

Japanese hard-rock screamo band Dazzle Vision posted photos on their Twitter account today previewing the release of vocalist Maiko’s voice-synthesized alter-ego. Famous for her “Death Voice,” high-fashion lolita style, and melodic vocals, Maiko and her band-mates recently judged an open-mic “Death Voice” contest outside Shibuya’s fashion landmark 109 building. Japanese fan magazine Gekkayo has posted …

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Dazzle Vision – SHOCKING LOUD VOICE track list and jacket revealed!

Dazzle Vision reveals jacket and track list for new album SHOCKING LOUD VOICE! 1.セカンド (SECOND) 2.Child be found of…(remix/remastered) 3.空迫 (Kuuhaku)(Live ver.) 4.VISION(remix/remastered) 5.HERE(remix/remastered) 6.left to cry there(remix/remastered) 7.Take my hand 8.Eternity(remix/remastered) 9.Miss Cinderella(remix/remastered) 10.Camellia(remix/remastered) Album release date: 2012.05.04

Dazzle Vision photos from Evanescence Japan tour!

Japanese screamo metal band Dazzle Vision performed two live shows last week as special invited guests of American rock band Evanescence. Performing songs from their recent album “Kirari,” vocalist Maiko sported her new electric-pink hair style for the capacity crowds at Zepp Tokyo (Feb. 9) and Zepp Nagoya (Feb. 10).

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Dazzle Vision- Like I’m not real (PV)

Devil horns & lace gloves. She’s REAL. Haru on drums is KILLING it on this one!

Dazzle Vision judges “Death Voice” contest in Shibuya

Dazzle Vision vocalist Maiko watches the open-mic contestants in front of Tokyo’s Shibuya 109 for “Death Voice Contest 3D.” (For anyone who doubts her expertise, check the video for “Like I’m not real” below.) Credit: Story and more photos at Barks.jp – http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000076743 Dazzle Vision – Like I’m not real (PV)

Dazzle Vision will open for Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya!

Japanese Hard Rock / Screamo band Dazzle Vision will be the opening act for American band Evanescence in Tokyo and Nagoya this month! 2012-02-09 – Zepp Tokyo 2012-02-10 – Zepp Nagoya Dazzle Vision home page: http://dazzlevision.net/top.html Evanescence Japan Tour page: http://www.creativeman.co.jp/artist/2012/02evanescence/