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FLOW Interview (2014)

FLOW Interview by Jen Wang September 11, 2014 In 2006, FLOW made their overseas debut at AnimeFEST. Their return to the Dallas convention brought them to a different location with fans, new and old, who still go wild at the first few notes of “GO!!!”. Despite being veterans of the con scene now, the band …

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FLOW – AnimeFEST 2014 Live Report

FLOW Live report by Jen Wang September 1, 2014 “Shake the house” is usually a figurative phrase. At AnimeFest’s concert, the room literally vibrated as FLOW rocked out. Eight years after their U.S. debut, the band returned to a packed Dallas crowd, eager to hear some of their favorite tunes. Without hesitation, FLOW got the …

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WING WORKS Interview (2014)

WING WORKS Interview by Jen Wang June 15, 2014 WING WORKS recently released a DVD of three interconnected PVs and some live footage titled CINEMA WING -The Chronicle Movies-. RYO:SUKE took the time to talk about the story behind those videos, social media, and one of the hottest anime in Japan. The three PVs in …

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