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Soko ni Naru announces 6th single “complicated system”

Soko ni Naru will release their 6th single, “complicated system”, on November 10, 2019. More: http://j-generation.com/sokoninaru-announces-6th-single-complicated-system/

Soko ni Naru – Zettaiteki Sanpukan (MV)

Soko ni Naru’s stylish new music video for “Zettaiteki Sanpukan” promises to dazzle the senses with its slick imagery and refreshing, funky groove. The duo dropped their newest album, Issen, last month, and are following it up with a country-wide domestic tour where they are teaming up with several other great artists before closing things …

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Soko ni Naru releases MV for Gou ni Moyu from upcoming album Issen

Soko ni Naru has just put out the stunning music video for “Gou ni Moyu” from their upcoming compilation album Issen, directed by Kazuaki Kimura (this is the end).

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Soko ni Naru’s “Tenohira de odoru” surpasses 1 million views

Math rock duo Soko ni Naru blew past the 1 million view mark this week for their new PV “Tenohira de odoru”. Formed in 2011 in Osaka, female guitarist Juko and male bassist Misaki have always shared the role of vocalist. If you happen to be in Japan this winter, they’re putting on their first one-man …

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