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May 10 2017

SpecialThanks – umahashiru (MV)


SpecialThanks takes us for an “horse run” in their playful music video for “umahashiru”, name-dropping previous hits “Hello, Colorful” and “Seven Lovers” along the way.

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May 13 2016

SpecialThanks – SWEET (MV)


SpecialThanks goes heavy on the cartoon filter, but goes light on the rock-n-roll for “SWEET”, forn their new album Heavenly. It’s great to hear vocalist Misaki sing in her native Japanese, and while her delivery is much more relaxed and authentic, “SWEET” has a tempo that’s all too familiar to fans of their earlier work. …

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Apr 02 2016

SpecialThanks – DOUNARUNO!? (MV)


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Jul 02 2015

SpecialThanks – Love Begets Love (MV)


Nov 04 2014

SpecialThanks x MIX MARKET – Rock n Roll Dance (MV)


Jan 07 2013

SpecialThanks song used for Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. campaign


Japanese punk band SpecialThanks’ song “My name is SUN” from the Seven Lovers album was selected for the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. lifestyle campaign.

Dec 02 2012

SpecialThanks – Campanula e.p. (Review)


SpecialThanks Campanula e.p. Review by David Cirone SpecialThanks 5-song ep “Campanula e.p.” is a fun, 14-minute treat to hold fans over between albums. Their first outing as a 3-piece with new drummer Junpei, SpecialThanks is experimenting with new sounds while still finding their footing with the current lineup. The driving beat of “For” is a …

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Nov 21 2012

SpecialThanks – I MY ME MINE (PV)

SpecialThanks – I MY ME MINE (PV)

Jun 07 2012

SpecialThanks – You = Music I Love (PV)

SpecialThanks – You = Music I Love (PV)

Apr 22 2012

SpecialThanks – Hello Colorful (PV)

SpecialThanks – Hello Colorful (PV)

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