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Feb 27 2018

Swinging Popsicle reveals track list and artwork for 20th Anniversary compilation TIME TRAVEL


(Photo by Noriko Hagiwara) Swinging Popsicle has revealed the full track list and album art for the 2-disc compilation GOLDEN☆BEST Master TIME TRAVEL ~Sony Music Years Selection~, due for release March 2nd in Japan. In addition to online orders from Sony Music Direct, the album will be available at the band’s upcoming concert event “POPS …

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Jan 05 2018

Swinging Popsicle previews Time Travel release at Christmas event


Photo Credit: Kaoruko Hanawa/Popsicle Clip Japanese rock band Swinging Popsicle gave their fans a Christmas treat with a career-spanning selection of songs on December 22nd. For their major debut 20th Anniversary holiday concert “Add Some Music To Your Christmastime”, the band performed over two hours for the sold out audience at Shimokitazawa Rhapsody in Tokyo. …

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Dec 19 2017

Swinging Popsicle announces GOLDEN BEST Limited “TIME TRAVEL”


Japanese pop-rock band Swinging Popsicle has announced the upcoming release of a limited-edition compilation titled GOLDEN☆BEST Limited TIME TRAVEL ~Sony Music Years Selection~. Swinging Popsicle, who made their major debut with “Joy of Living” with Sony Records in 1997, released two full albums, one mini album, and five singles during their partnership with Sony, which …

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Jul 25 2017

Swinging Popsicle spreads Joy at special one-man live


Swinging Popsicle held an intimate, limited-access one-man live at Tokyo’s Mona Records on July 22, 2017. The concert featured some of the band’s most popular hits from their two decades together, and fans received a special venue-only CD single featured a re-recording of the band’s debut single “Joy Of Living”, first released twenty years ago …

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Feb 13 2016

Swinging Popsicle – Small Blue Sailboat (lyric video)


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Jan 12 2016

Swinging Popsicle’s flow EP now available worldwide


Swinging Popsicle’s latest EP flow is now available for streaming and download in 119 countries via services such as iTunes, Spotify, KKBox, Rhapsody, Amazon, and Google Play. The six-song EP featuring “Small Blue Sailboat” and “At Christmastime” was released in Japan last month as part of the band’s continuing 20th Anniversary celebration, which will span …

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Dec 16 2015

Swinging Popsicle releases Mobile Phone lyric video


J-Pop band Swinging Popsicle has released a lyric video for the song “mobile phone”, included on the band’s latest EP flow. As their 20th anniversary celebration continues, Swinging Popsicle is featured on this month’s cover of Japan’s “Popsicle Clip” magazine, which includes an interview with band members Hironobu Hirata, Mineko Fujishima, and Osamu Shimada. flow …

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Dec 01 2015

Swinging Popsicle – flow (Review)


Swinging Popsicle flow Review by David Cirone The first year of Swinging Popsicle’s 20th anniversary (they’re celebrating the three-year period from their formation in 1995 to their major label debut in 1997) closes out with the release of the mini-album flow. It’s been a long wait since 2007′s go on, with 2009′s Loud Cut compilation …

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Nov 19 2015

Swinging Popsicle to release new album flow in December


J-Pop band Swinging Popsicle has announced the release of their new album flow at the end of this year as part of the band’s 20th Anniversary . The 6-track album will feature 3 new songs, 2 previously-released digital-only singles, “at Christmastime” and “mobile phone”, and a cover of The Jackson 5′s “I’ll Be There” with …

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May 23 2015

Swinging Popsicle performs 20th Anniversary Live with advantage Lucy


J-Pop indies band Swinging Popsicle performed a special double-anniversary live show with longtime friends advantage Lucy on April 29, 2015 at Club Que in Tokyo. The band treated fans to popular hits from their extensive catalog, including tracks “Joy of Living” from their debut Sony album and “(a) Slow Star” from their SUMAGA video game …

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