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TAIA – Interview (2011) Pt. 1

TAIA Interview by David Cirone March 15, 2011 TAIA’s logo says quite clearly that you’re from Okinawa, so obviously you’re proud of that association. How does Okinawa affect your music? YASHA (bass): Since we’re comfortable in this place, it’s a great environment for us. We can be our natural selves while we work on our …

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TAIA – Interview (2011) Pt. 2

TAIA Interview by David Cirone April 19, 2011 Seika, what stories inspire your imagination? SEIKA: Since my childhood, I’ve always loved novels, movies, and manga. They’ve had a big influenced on the ways I think and feel. I don’t think I could write lyrics if I didn’t have the emotions and images I’ve experienced from …

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