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JRock247’s Best J-Rock Album Covers 2015

Check out JRock247′s best J-Rock album/single jackets for 2015, chosen by JRock247 contributors David Cirone, Jen Wang, and Nhu Nguyen. Click here to view the full list, including Man With A Mission, Plastic Tree, Golden Bomber, URBANGARDE, The GazettE, and many more!

the GazettE to release new single UGLY

Japanese visual kei band the GazettE will release their latest single “UGLY on November 18. The regular edition of the CD contains 3 tracks, while the limited edition has 2 songs plus a DVD of the music video and behind-the-scenes footage.

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the GazettE – new album DOGMA preview

The GazettE – OMINOUS lyric video

The GazettE – new album DOGMA Teaser

the GazettE – Standing Live Tour 14 Heresy Limited – Saiteigi – (2nd teaser spot)

The GazettE have released a second teaser for their upcoming March 15 complete box set DVD release Standing Live Tour 14 Heresy Limited – Saiteigi –, featuring footage from the band’s 2014 fan club tour, “Standing Live Tour 14 Hersy Limited Nameless Liberty Disorder Heaven Scene 01 [Disorder x NIL],” “Standing Live Tour 14 Hersy …

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the GazettE – Live 13TH Anniversary “13-T H I R T E E N” (teaser)

The GazettE has released the second teaser for their 13TH Anniversary “13-T H I R T E E N” live!

JRock247’s Best J-Rock Album Covers of 2013

The GazettE’s BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY topped our list of the best J-Rock Album Covers of 2013. Check out the full list and comments from JRock247 writers: http://jrock247.com/best-j-rock-album-covers/best-j-rock-album-covers-2013/

the GazettE – Ibitsu (PV)


the GazettE – DIVISION (Review)

the GazettE DIVISION Review by Nhu Nguyen A few things have happened since Visual Kei band, the GazettE, joined major record label Sony Music in 2010. They played their first Tokyo Dome gig– a dream for just about every Japanese musician— and rocked out at a few big name music festivals in Japan, like Summer …

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